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  1. I've had no real issues using Pel as 2HD Dpser, just give her a Pike and you're good to go.
  2. Hmm does that disclude Minor Blights then? Or would it get he bonus since it's tech a weapon?
  3. Tome of battle can be very OP, though less so in PF than it was in 3.5 so keep a close eye on their character builds, especially the Crusader. Crusader with the right load-out can sac turn attempts(Pos eng burst now) in order to re-pull use abilities, pair that with the ability that let's you choose someone else to take an immediate action, means that your strats against the party can be turned upside like nothing. A buddy of mine and myself played two Crusaders who used these abilities back to back to spam free turns for ourselves/allies. With a couple extra Cleric levels under our belts we had plenty of turn attempts to fuel the re-pulls of the immediate action ability. It got really cheezy really fast lol.
  4. I completely agree with this idea, I would LOVE to get to re-watch my battles. The next best thing at the moment is the ultra-slow mode from the IE mod.
  5. What did I just stumble into? I'm here searching the forums for advice on Chanter phrase orders and This is the the top thread that pops up, what are you guys even talking about? I feel like I just took a crazy pill.
  6. Hey Luzarius, I am a straight male, and I thought Cassandra Pentaghast was gorgeous. Though I totally support a lip glossed bimbo for romance options as well lol.
  7. At the moment I'm loving the wizard now that I've got a cipher to handle per encounter CCing and my Wiz can hold back for the biggies.
  8. Thanks guys, I appreciate it. I was pretty much stuck between rogue or cipher.
  9. First time playthrough, running a pure Tank Paladin(Lvl3), I've got the Wizard(Lvl3) from outside the Inn with me. Just cleared the Temple of Ethos and wondering if I should grab a custom NPC and if so what class/etc. I've got just enough to hire the lvl2, and have 100p left. Any/All advice is appreciated, thanks. PS Why does the Wizard seem to suck in this game? Whats up with that? Not that I am mourning over their loss of dominance! lol P
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