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  1. So where should I post Game Suggestions? General or Developer? Do they read Suggestions when Mailing with the Official Contact Option?
  2. So if I have Game Suggestions, I can post them in the Developer Forum here? Are there people from Obsidian active there? Seems the last stuff was from 2018. ^^
  3. I don't ment a Paid Job, I ment if they would be interested or would make a Game of Fan Creations if the Suggestions are interesting. ^^ If everyone has Ideas than why are there so many Games with no interesting Story and Gameplay? ^^ Or in other Words - Why is there no Star Wars Diablo, World of Starcraft and others. ^^
  4. Too bad there is no Career for Gameplay/Lore/Skill Designer ^^ I would have an Idea for a Game like The Outer Worlds but with Fantasy Races in Space and no Humans. I really loved the Choices in The Outer Worlds but they could have done so much more like cool Combat Skills and Perfect Stealth Gameplay.
  5. The Souls in this game are not very logic. It's said that souls live over and over again in a cycle and they go into babies. So what if there are more babies then souls? Does it mean having sex can creat a Soul? No ^^
  6. It should have been a main quest to stop the Riots. I dont like to see a Town going down, in which i invested so much time helping other People.
  7. The most easy way is to use an unkillable Solo Tank that Needs no Heal. He tanks all enemies around him while you pets are a Screen or more away before they attack. Other Way: Heal your Pets with other Priest and such. But i think even the tanky pets are not made to truly tank.
  8. I love the Story about the Hollowborns and the conflicts between the different fractions. I really had Troubles to decide if the Soul Expremients are good or bad to cure the Hollowborn Problems. It's always great to see in a Story that there is no good or bad. Sadly the whole Story is going to be bad only because of weak personality Gods created by human beings. I think it was an awesome idea, that they thought to create real gods so that the People dont follow the false gods which created wars, cruelity and such. Badly Thaos and his People didn't gave the world Piece. Thaos says he killed
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