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  1. There are 2 important factors in stealing, stealth and speed. Nothing else applies... As the posters above stated, when your circle is yellow, you can steal without losing reputation. When your circle is red, you will be caught. This means the npcs may attack you, or you may lose reputation with them, or nothing will happen (sometimes happens if the npc has no faction to lose reputation with). What stealth does is affect how fast the circle turns from plain to yellow and from yellow to red - the higher the stealth, the slower the change. What stealth does not do is help you hide fr
  2. Not bothering with deflection and only attacking things that are already engaged by your 'tank' means that you're either 1. playing on easy mode or 2. holding back your rogue half the time which massively reduces her dps. First off, why bother having any tanks at all if you are playing a rogue as your main char? You are just asking mobs to attack your rogue making you waste time and damage output running around and disengaging. You can make your fighter or paladin offensive as well with a 2hander or dual-weilding - don't worry, there is zero danger of anyone doing more damage than your
  3. 1. savage attack is the one to go for. If you are mostly fighting with an advantage (ie. against flanked, blinded, prone, weakened, etc. opponents), you will have no trouble hitting and criting, 2. Deflection is very important to a rogue, get it as high as you can if you want to do as much sustained dps as possible. Ring, Superior deflection talent, max perception and resolve. Shields have no place on a rogue. When every attack you make gets boosted by deathblows, sneak attack, savage, etc. there really is no good option that compares to dual wielding fast weapons.
  4. Try a different rogue build... Barbarians are tough, and heart of fury is their level 11 ability. Blind them, prone them, flank them, change your rogue, etc... There are lot's of ways to deal with barbarians. Single them out to deal with right away with your party before any other enemies if your rogue can't survive against them.
  5. Build him like a caster, i.e. max Int, might, and high Dex, dump con. Use a pike or durance's quarterstaff so he can stay close enough to the fight to provide heals to the front line, but not actually be on the front line. You could also go weapon and shield and be right up on the front line, but you won't have the high base deflection that fighters and paladins have.
  6. I agree with most of the above except this. Might is not the same for everyone, and neither is intellect. A monk, for example, receives double might bonus on their hands, for barbarians, that might bonus applies to a number of targets, but for a rogue, might means very little, with all the bonuses they get, they can better increase their DPS in other ways. Tanks can get full use from might, but generally, you have other priorities if you are making a tank. Also, if you are looking to do damage, then Dex allows any non-spellcaster, except unarmed attacks to do more DPS than the same poin
  7. Good points. I usually start with a pair of hatchets that you get in the starting area from the temple/ruin defenders. These are great weapons to start out with. The only problem with hatchets is that there are no great magic hatchets, so their usefulness diminishes later in the game. After leaving the ruins, I try to avoid fighting anything (except what's needed in cad nua) until I can pick up all the companions and get to defiance bay. In the first town weapon shop, you can buy the best stiletto in the game, and you can get a +12 accuracy, very nice stiletto from the doemenals as ear
  8. Nothing is screwed up, really. As long as you didn't gimp your Per and Res too badly, you can still make it work with equipment and a talent. You can also always make it different next time, and see how much easier it is. What I did on my last rogue, hearth orlan (best rogues imo): str 10 , dex 19, con 7, per 20, int 3, res 19. You could go with 14 str and 3 con if you wanted to really min-max (17 str is max), but I went with a little higher con. The main thing is get as much deflection as what's available. Take superior deflection, use a +10 def ring, etc. to get it as high as p
  9. Lol. Rogues using ranged weapons do about 1/4 the DPS as melee rogues, and that's with optimizing deep wounds, poison, etc to the best of their ability. If you are going to do a rogue, don't waste your time on a ranged weapon. Rogues actually do better than any other class for single target DPS, if built properly. Backstab is always a waste of time also, whether or not you use shadowing beyond. Max his/her deflection, it's his weakest and most important defense. Duel-weild fast melee weapons. Use eder or pallegina or both with him using a two-handed weapon or dual-weilding on the
  10. Combinations would really work in whatever way you wanted, so your suggestions would be just fine. The only thing I would add is weapons for a Flames of Devotion paladin or turning wheel monk may be better off with burning lash, and swift fists with lightning lash, since you are already doing a specific elemental damage type, and it's better to add to that than to use a different element and go through 25% of the DR again. Dual-weilders don't really pay any extra, because 2handers cost double the components for enchanting. As for your question, you get 12 points total. Fine is 2, except
  11. There's no reason not to play a druid and have hiravias in your party. When I played a wizard main char, I had durance, mother, hiravias, and aloth in my party. We all had the elemental talents (except for mother), and just blasted everything to death. Another druid will only help your party, not hurt it. Turn on the option to reset levels on all npcs as soon as you recruit them. That way they reset to level 1, and you can level them up the way you want.
  12. One thing I forgot to point out, is that a tank won't be hurt by the change to Per anywhere near as much as a rogue. A tank will be using weapon and shield style and single weapon style (with shield), and so will still have super high deflection and only lose a small portion from stats. Rogues, dual-weilding, have no shield and very little (less than many other classes) base deflection as well. So, every single point of deflection that you can pull from stats and equipment is worth a lot more than it is for a tank.
  13. If you gimp int and con also, then what we are really talking about is 3 points of stats. Assume a hearth halfling, which imo is the best race for a rogue. Then you are talking about having a 14 Str, a 20 Per, and a 19 Res, which is what I am recommending because I think the extra deflection is a bigger deal than the extra few point of damage (interrupts are good, especially when you are dual-weilding fast weapons and your target can hit you for huge damage per hit). Or, having a 17 Str, a 17 Per, and a 19 Res, as you are recommending for the few extra points of damage and a little less
  14. Agreed. Early greater focus is a great choice. I always choose it as the first talent for mother.
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