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  1. Level-Up Button is a little yellow cross at the upper left side of your character portraits (ingame, only appears after level-up ). Never noticed any of these controls discrepancies in game, but might well be... I noticed some discrepancies between the attributes in the manual and in the game if the posters here are true... for example: Awareness does NOT really affect accuracy, right?
  2. Really just one single possibility to enchant superb? Might well be, can't remember more than one of those enchantments made in my first walkthrough... but didn't mind all the ingredient points too much or really watched too close to what stuff is needed for which crafting (except for this one buff-food made of dragon meat ). I just collected whatever I could and enchanted whatever possible with it^^. For the second playthrough, I'm going to be more aware of these things... so first: what stuff exactly is needed for enchanting superb? And is there really just one single source for this stuff, or could there possibly be others, traders or something to look out for?
  3. This whole security system really seems quite odd... when I started building up my stronghold, my first thought was: prestige? Screw that, I need some BIG walls!!! So I just built every single building which brings security first (till about 35 security or so...), and just later the prestige stuff. Nonetheless, in late game, my stronghold got attacked by raider groups or something twice, and those jerks destroyed quite a lot of my buildings although my security was, so to speek, max Oo ?!?!
  4. I also felt like the priest is one of the most important members of the party... sent him away once for a few hours, instantly missed him. His buffs are just great, no one heals better and if he wants he can also be pretty aggressive. If you can live without all this support, you really must be looking for some challenge, as the hard fights will be quite a lot harder I guess.
  5. Nice, thanks for the summary. Another related question: Intellect... i guess barbs might need quite a lot of it for their aoe attacks, but what about classes that don't really use aoe like fighter or paladin? Can they dump it with a clear conscience if they're ready to lack the respective defences or able to get it from equipment? Rather unrelated: is there an option to get rid of solved quests in the log book? Feels like quite a bit of unnecessary scrolling in later game...
  6. Well, micromanagement-part first: I had a ranger in my first playthrough, and it was quite easy to keep him busy in comparison to everyone else. Not sure though how great this one might fare in melee (hence the "ranger" name ?). Even when I got the second ranger, it was pretty funny at first: bear AND wolf companion :D . But later it became a bit boring... For my second playthrough I was planning for some class which isn't already covered by one of the companions. Was going for monk because weaponless fighting sounds fun, but if it really is such hard work I guess I'll give the barbarian a try too. I mean, piles of skills to manage would be fine if there was just one character, but with the other 5? A rather carefree class seemed right for me... not the kind of person to hit space bar every second . And little aside: accuracy really is that important? Didn't mind it too much the first time and was okay with it, but honestly I played on easy (little noob in this kind of rpg). Going for normal or hard next time and don't want to get ripped apart by that nasty adra dragon^^.
  7. Holy hell guys, this is a GREAT update! Thanks a lot for it, really good job here, as always! My personal favorites are New Stash Sorting Options, Trap Detection Without Stealth and of course Companion "Respec". One flaw seems to stay: german localization. Haven't checked it for a little while, but when I last played it, there still were some weapon types named after stat bonuses (bows named "intellect +2" etc, both in inventory and some skill descriptions). Please fix this as soon as you can, it's the (only) one thing that really bothers me.
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