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  1. Kracken eyes--a few armors require 1 adra ban to get to superb but will instead accept 2 kracken eyes, and from what I've seen most of them then get to legendary using normal gems--so you can essentially get +2 on one set of armor that would otherwise waste 1 adra ban. A bit underwhelming, but it's something. Just be sure not to waste them getting armor or weapons to superb that don't require an adra ban to get there--it also shows up in places were pyrite would do.
  2. Monks have high to very high in all 4 categories--health, endurance, accuracy, and deflection. Wounds and the abilities they allow are just icing on top of that. The problem is thinking of them as AD&D monks--like several classes here, they play very different from their AD&D classes of the same name. Chanters, for example, do very well in full plate since it doesn't slow down their songs, whereas the stereotypical bard doesn't wear more than light armor. You just have to get past your idea of what the class should be and play it for what it actually is.
  3. I like it. If scouting was always on, what would be the point of having secrets at all? Usually there's something that tips you off when it might be a good time to scout. And having the secrets and traps 4 points below your skill show up without scouting gives rogues a reason to push mechanics above 11.
  4. Custom party I run with all moon god-like, with my main male and the other 5 female so I can use the 1 male moon avatar for my main and the 1 female moon avatar for the other 5 and easily identify my main. Of course the opposite would work as well--1 female main and 5 male companions, and of course you could use non-moon avatars. For the same reason I use the body style of Human for my main and Dwarf for the other 5--makes it easier to find my main in combat.
  5. 6 priests would be easy but long due to the number of spells you'd be casting. Round 1 you could 6 major buffs up for the whole party. Round 2 fire off 6 Consegrated grounds. Round 3 6 damaging stuns. But it would be tedious because of the number of spells you would have to cast. Like with tanking wizards--once buffs are up they are the strongest tanks in the game, but do you really want to have to click that many buttons every fight? Maybe toss in a couple of fighters and arm the 4 priests with ranged to auto-attack through the trash?
  6. On my fifth play through--most fun I've had with a game in years. Any plans for DLC expansions or sequels? I need more content....
  7. The displaced image spell is causing the caster's grazes against others to be converted to misses. Per the description, it should affect hits others make against the caster, not hits the caster makes against others.
  8. At least in my current game, Sanguine Plate now has both Retaliation and Spell Holding: Frenzy, both in the tool tip and as tested in combat.
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