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  1. So I got back on the POE wagon, and decided to do some new stuff. I found my dual barbarian sorely lacking in the mid-late game, and decided to replace him with a melee wiz, and holy muffins, does this guy rock. Need more damage? Instant cast two spells, you're now a dps monster, need healing? Instant cast these spells. Want to help in an ambush? Sneak fireball along with the other casters. I went with a moon godlike, and full plate, and this guy just doesn't ever go down, along with a staff he just sits in the back doing whatever is needed in excellence. Alost, thinking about going super-ninja-dps monk next time, should I focus on ablities to use wounds? Or just let them stack for added fire damage?
  2. One person didn't like Eder? That person hates freedom.
  3. Yeah, just got The WItcher 3, and eight gigs of ram. Maybe when I get back to POE i'll give that a go.
  4. To be honest, it feels like a whole new thing. Spell selection is much tighter, the stats system is also clean, and concise. The story elements have their own flavor, and the tone, for me feels different. The only thing I see in common is with the way the game plays vs old IE is the isometric view. Would really love to see some killer AI, or a gambit system put in, the party size expanded, and then some epic large battles take place. That would be a killer direction, I think.
  5. I was thinking about doing this, but don't know why I wouldn't just go two-handed.
  6. If you play your ranger more or less as a ranged damage dealer, ignoring the melee potential, they are low maintenance. I don't really consider using your pet to flank the attacked enemy as something that requires a lot of user input. Most if the time, you can't attack the high priority targets with the pet anyway, as the melee access is blocked by other enemies. Rangers are so strong because they can take out the most dangerous foes safely from distance with just a few shots. Especially on PotD when fighting hordes of enemies, I mostly assign Sagani to use wounding shots on enemy clerics/mages, then auto-attack them to death and just use the fox to offtank one or two enemies. Yes, the pets takes damage very fast, but due to how pets and summons work in PoE, this is not really a problem (both health and endurance recover to 100% after every battle, instead of endurance only, so they pretty much are throwaway meatshields). If you drop some healing spells on the pet, they become incredibly potent tanks, soaking up a lot of damage basicly for free, with no permanent penalty. Overall, I've found Rangers to be incredibly useful in my games so far (Rogues deal better ranged damage, but the pet offers an additional meatshield, which is always nice). Much more useful than Paladins, for the reasons listed below: - Lowlevel Paladins have bad defenses AND bad offense. Defender and Vary Defender put Fighters way ahead of paladins in every way possible; compared to that, they talents and class abilities are incredibly weak; Fighters get 2 knockdowns per encounter for free; Paladins get what? A single target one-shot lash effect? Call me impressed... - Even on high levels, Paladins completely lack a clear purpose. They are neither true tank nor true support. The auras suck* (low range and don't stack with priest abilities), Lay on Hands doesn't scale with level, their damage is terrible and they don't have the same tactical fidelity in abilities as Fighters. *This is incredibly emphasized as soon as your party hits level 9. All their auras can be completely devaluated by level 1 priest buffs and at level 9 you can even spam them on every battle. And you can't even activate two auras at the same time! Paladins are literally the only class that is completely devaluated by the existance of one other. My understanding was that Pallys are suppose to be fighter minus offense and defense plus spell like abilities, like the +6 accuracy bonus for everyone. So a champion type. Also, that coming buff to lay on hands, much needed. Also you are absolutely correct, always protect your rear.
  7. I've been reading through the class wars on reddit/obsidan.net/gamefaqs and such, and I've seen all kinds of wonky but effective builds for just about any class a person might be struggling with, but I'm not seeing any love for rangers. Personally I heard the wolf companion tears things apart, but that was not my experience, and I'm still playing on normal difficulty.
  8. (weapon name) adeptness. Taking this feat always ensures you do at least half your maximum damage. Wouldn't that make sense? I have been swinging a broad sword for three in game years, by now I should at least do some consistent damage.
  9. If you think that this would be fun for you, go for it. I believe that any team with 6 casters is good enough to destroy PotD. If i wasn't lazy, i'd do it, and do an LP on youtube.
  10. What are these seal spells? You mean the hazard ones? are they really that good, I never use them.
  11. After reading all the replies, i have to agree that the male voices sound off, like some older unlikable guy did them. Obsidian, hire some younger sounding, charismatic VO talent. Also on an unrelated note, Never Winter Nights, had the worst VO for the main character choices, I think.
  12. I was thinking about how hard this would be, or if it would just be really long, really boring. Thoughts?
  13. Let's just hope for an epic poe 2, I keep wondering if they made there money back on this one, but honestly, if they do sell a millions copies, that's like, 40mil vs what, 12 mil? that went into it? Maybe we'll even get a full blown POE 3? I'm very much looking forward to the future. Also, class kits, please obsidian, my only request.
  14. Sure you can find her sitting there with cosmo sometime and you'll be ready for your comeback.
  15. To be honest, with the cam zoomed out, which is how I play eighty percent of the time, I can't even tell. Like I switched a cape from one char to another, and had to keep remembering who was who. Also brigandine looks gaudy.
  16. I usually go 2 males, 4 female, anyone else have a preference?
  17. I always throw down that priest spell which takes them out of battle and fully heals.
  18. To be honest, once I get both my Ciphers Amplified Wave, nothing stands up long enough to attack before I have enough focus to double spam it again. I think what is needed is an anti-cipher class, which can destroy focus. Like a Ruin Knight or something.
  19. People seem to want enhanced, epic combat, and also the ability to shag Orlans. I don't know if Obsidian has the resources to do both, considering this was a Kickstarter, any ideas?
  20. Cipher should start with 200 focus, and five seconds of invulnerability.
  21. Oh my Cipher, you are so fine. Oh my Cipher, your damage is divine. Against wolfs, trolls, and dragons with big knees. You make combat, such a breeze. I won't take a Paladin I won't take a Rouge Only double/triple cipher. Makes difficulty so vogue. Oh my Cipher, let's get married. To the Dyrwood we'll tarry Till one day, will come a nerf. And only memories of my precious cipher, will I carry with me to the earth.
  22. Eh, i put the combat on auto-slow and never looked back.
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