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  1. So I loaded in an old save and tried the turn in again... you can only get credit for it (and get the blade) if Dunstan is actually at his forge. If he's chillin' with Clyvver, you don't get anything at all.
  2. I've seen a few posts here & elsewhere on this topic - but no real solution. How can I get the blade back? I gave tit to him just after but there was no dialogue indicating that the sword was ready. So I waited. And waited. And waited. Still nuttin'. Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. Thanks! I am finding it extremely difficult without a party at the moment. Without some very lucky breaks, I'd be dead. I may need to rethink the character - I've done the windmill, black hound and blacksmith quests (that last one I only managed to do it by kiting the bandits into some trolls). I don't think I can handle the bear and cubs with my weapon/shield at the moment, much less trying for the ruins or going after Raedric. Not sure what to do next... 700 xp away from level 4.
  4. While I haven't quite finished the game in normal or hard, thought I'd give it a shot. I've done a little reading, but this is gonna be trial and error for me. Going for a fairly high defense, though I already screwed up - wanted to get long strides/fast movement/whatever on my first level up and forgot - got rapid recovery instead. Fighter Moon Godlike Deadfire Archipeligo/Laborer 10/16/15/11/10/16 - can't bring myself to go min in anything Splitting skills between Athletics, lore & mechanics... I know I should be going stealth, and by spreding myself thing, I'm most likely gimping myself. I'm going weapon/shield, but not sure what the best type of weapon to use is; nor am I sure if plate or brigadine is better armor... any thoughts would be most helpful. Thanks!
  5. Just patched the game today - and found this bug is still in play. Also, hate not being able to easily loot after defending my keep. I can do it, if I pause the game at just the right place, but it's a PITA.
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