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  1. Yeah, same issue last night (2018-05-16). I have 64 hours into the game and last night was the first time I experienced this input weirdness. It was bad enough I just quit. Looks like there is a patch this morning? Maybe a fix?
  2. Didn't have Bluff 4. I tried using a drug that boosted it to 4 but the dialog option still didn't show up. Figured I was in for a bunch of repeat stuff by having to go back to an older save.... However, I found one other way that is rather complicated. It also requires one character with enough stealth to sneak by the watershapers in the courtyard near the stairs going up to Morena HQ AND a character that can use dimensional shift (luckily Aloth had this or it was in the grimoire). Requirements 1 Stealthy Character 1 Character that can cast Dimensional Shift The Process Use your sneaky character and place them as close to just south of the staircase (past the watershapers) as you can; just on the edge of the hearing circle of the npc. Get as close as you can to the target stealth character with your dimensional shift character. A bit to the left the stairs on the opposite side of the watershapers in the courtyard. Cast dimensional shift on the sneaky character to move your caster. Move a non-sneaky character into place and use dimensional shift to move them past the enemies. You now have one non-sneaky character past the watershapers on the left side of the courtyard. Your sneaky character and caster are back on the wrong side. Repeat Step 1. Continue steps 1-5 until all your characters are past the watershapers on the left. There are two guys on the right side of the courtyard. There is space to the right that leads to a boat. If you place your guy close to the fence you should be able to sneak around and down this path. All my non-sneaky characters managed to do it. If not, use the process above again to move everyone past the second group. Use the boat to exit area.
  3. While I did restart a number of times to find the the "correct" stats for the dialog options I liked it got 156+ hours out of the game. I enjoyed the combat system as there have not been many games that play in that style (love Divinity OS of course as well). I enjoyed the companions for the most part. It would have been nice to have the choices have more effects while IN the game and not only on slides. Still, despite the large list of things people didn't like I still enjoyed and got more than my money's worth out of it. I did NOT kickstart this project.
  4. I have 156 hours (holy smokes didn't even notice) and just finished the game. I restarted a number of times to find a character that had the right specs for the dialog options I wanted. The character I used to finish the game was a Paladin with very high perception, intelligence, and resolve... min maxed pretty much. A tank and pretty much nothing else. I played the game on hard. After working through most of the companion arcs I ended up with Eder, Aloth, Durance, and the Grieving Mother. The other two characters were my paladin and a min/maxed cipher. I found the adra dragon and Returned Raedric much more difficult than the fight with Thaos. In fact the fight with Thaos was over before it started. Both my ciphers had unique fully enchanted blunderbuss weapons. At the start of the battle both ciphers cast amplified wave and knocked down the 2 minions. The ciphers then turned and fired their blunderbusses at Thaos.... he exploded. I checked the damage log on both attacks, it was upward of 200+ damage from both characters. I then just mopped up the rest of the trash. The ending does seem rushed. Although, the way the story is setup I'm not sure how it would feel much different. When all those questions are built up so high when the answers flow in it will feel short almost no matter what they do. But still it did feel rushed some what. I still have a lot of questions after the ending. I'm curious if the gods are individual machines hidden around the world? Or are they just one machine acting out each part? How do they execute their power with no avatar? Soul manipulation? Did Thaos gain the ability to move his soul at will from the machine? And there are many others. The ending slide for my character makes it sound like there is more yet to come.
  5. I've been enjoying my dialog option / tank paladin. It is setup to pretty much tank only with high stats in the dialog options I was most interested in (Perception, Intelligence, and Resolve). I guess you could do about the same with a fighter, but at least the int is sort of useful on the paladin. Mig: 8 Con: 12 Dex: 8 Per: 17 Int: 16 Res: 18 It is interesting to have the dialog options that matter. It is curious how the devs chose certain lines of text match up reputations like Passionate or Clever.
  6. I'm pretty much sticking with mine just for the dialog options between perception, resolve, and intelligence. The skill does seem useless at this point. I get that, that is how I've been trying to use it. But it doesn't even stop those conditions.
  7. What conditions does liberating exhortation affect? Only conditions that damage your character? It appears to be useless for any condition that affects your mobility. From experience it doesn't work on: Stuck Paralyze It would be useful if the words "hostile effects" could be clicked to see a list of conditions that meet the requirements of hostile.
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