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  1. I was setting up twitch to work with PoE. The stream doesn't start till one minute after midnight.
  2. @badler does this mean my 250$ backed edition is now a royal edition? bah, I'll come by tomorrow and ask you in person.
  3. I tried to mix it here at work with the Guile theme, but unfortunately, the youtube mixer site is blocked here at work. Can anyone mix it with the Guile theme for me and link it here?
  4. Yeah, I don't know where my developer tag is. Thank you sooooo much for the youtube clip, I have sent it around!
  5. Our very own JT winning a "tank themed" dance contest at E3 at the Wargaming Booth. Watch, but please be sitting down. I almost passed out from laughing too hard. I might have actually had a stroke. http://www.twitch.tv/wargaming/b/537808828 at 03:25:00 See if you can guess which one is JT. I love you, JT. You are fearless.
  6. Hey Everyone, I left Obsidian because I was offered an opportunity to move back to Texas to be near my family and to hopefully start a family of my own. There is no drama involved, unless you count the sadness of leaving a wonderful place to work after 7.5 years and missing all of my friends terribly. Obsidian is and will continue to be awesome. I think the world of everyone who works there and the projects they are working on are great.
  7. I currently have the high score - playing as Feargus the Paladin.
  8. Whoa. The intarwebs knows all! Yeah I don't post at the Codex anymore. I am very happy everyone who has seen DS3 so far has been digging it!
  9. Tony Evans worked on KOTOR2, NWN2, NX1, and NX2. He's a great guy and obviously we miss him and wish him the best!
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