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  1. Mind you I am 40, so a younger child might persist. My view of the game? It's good, it's excellent. What I would have done differently: 1. Start the game off in the city areas, they are the most spectacularly designed areas in the game. Let viewers view and those areas first. Then if they want more dangerous and rewarding adventures, go wander off in to the wild forests and caves. 2. The most hindering part for me of the game, which made me quit, was you have to do this or that to open up the map. I love open world exploration. I hate talking to 10 people doing 20 things in a specific order before the map opens up to me. The combat in the forests and caves and dungeons was wonderful, the city areas was interesting but ultimately boring in terms of combat. I loved climbing through windows with rope and grappling hook to secret areas. There could have been 20 times more of those types of surprises in the game. 3. I quit around the part where I couldn't get to that last part of the map - the road from Stormwall Gorge to Hearthsong wasn't open. 4. Another part that was not as much fun, was not being able to buy the right ingredients in the shops to enchant weapons and armor. I would suggest leaving say 20% of the most important stuff in the wild and on enemies. But please allow 80% needed to be in the shops. I spent days ( literally ) traversing the maps looking for ingredients. More battles please! My recommendations: 1. Create more factions - I want to see my keep at war with other keeps. I want to see WAR! I want see siege machines. Wizards! Armies of 20, 30, 100 men slogging it out, with my RPG guys in the middle of it. 2. Create far more unique items. 3. Create far more merchants, traders and items. And they have to be quite different. There's too many quests in the game. Give direction to the game and let it carry itself. To do tasks for someone non-stop throughout the game, is like work. I couldn't find people in the game I have just visited. I wish the game would list every character in each city, in a list, once I have made contact. The greatest surprise in the game was the stronghold. Very interesting. Very exciting. Build and develop that idea with 3 or so other factions that have their own stronghold and that is at war with your faction and each other. Let things happen in real time. In other words, you don't know when your party will be attacked by any of the other factions. I loved the Raedric's Hold quest. The game also needs an item sorter. In summary: the quests take far too long and is too serialized: do this to open that part of the map. Walking across entire maps to do too many quests is a chore! Keep the quests to one city. Zig zagging across huge maps, being unable to find a specific person - you meet hundreds. You forget people's names. Give us battles man! Especially in the cities. Dungeons and monsters. Every area had to have one epic battle.
  2. The Liberal left might support Kolsc while Radedik might find support of people to the right.
  3. Unfortunately that's no really nice weapons in the game, it is in my view what lacks - there needs enormous work to be done on the weapons. Really. Everyone I have chatted to say the same thing. Interesting variety of weapons are really lacking in the game. And it needs to be random too. No one likes having the same game as everyone else on earth. Generate random weapons. There's nothing so much fun as to go and search for unique weapons for unique characters.
  4. It's the story of South Africa. The scourge is Communism. Kolsc is Nelson Mandela.
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