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  1. King's Quest: Quest for the Crown 1984 Space Quest. Police Quest etc. Anyway. I'm finished here. Good luck! This is my last message on this topic.
  2. If you can't contribute anything except money, then just move on. Leave the professionals to discuss things. Can you program? When did you play your first role playing game? For me it was 1988. Companies like Strategic Simulations Inc. It was before you were born...show a little MANNERS and RESPECT for people. 1 out of 20 messages posted are professional.
  3. Thanks for your contribution...you notified everyone I am a troll. Meanwhile you refused to contribute anything.
  4. Is that your contribution.... Trolling.... And a wonderful idea.
  5. Just calling people trolls left and right. The global moderator needs to take control here.
  6. And you know who you are... not everyone. But some of you...
  7. I think you are all trolls because you haven't contributed a single idea. At least I have contributed some ideas. So you are ALL trolls. Thank you.
  8. I posted all these message to understand what contributions kickstarters give to a software project, to understand the dynamic they bring to software development. And I can see quite clearly the dynamic. What I would like to note is that I have changed my mind - my suggestion to include sieges and siege craft might not be a good idea, because it might make the game too static, not dynamic enough, perhaps only assault ladders during a siege. I feel a little more danger is needs to be added to gameplay, for example the lions in the wild is exciting and fearful but the game pauses, s
  9. I'm certain it is not that difficult to change it. Just say when such and such is in that newly opened area, that the previous quest is complete. AND when such and such is in that old area where the quest is, the quest is not complete. Update the interface. I'm certain it's that easy.
  10. This is about seeing how well the kickstarter community interacts with the developers and the rest of the consumers. And I am surprised to see the opposite, instead of discussion, there's censorship, fear. It's a new business model, people are examining what will happen. What are the shortcomings of the system... is it as expected or where's the gaps...
  11. I'm just giving my honest opinion. You like collecting flowers. I hate collecting flowers. Want to do a survey? Please run it on this website. Another recommendation.
  12. Aron Times this is not a usual project. This is a kickstarter project. A major project that has many companies across the world interested. The ENTIRE world is taking note.
  13. In the interface, I see a territory with quests and then I see the words "quests and then tasks." Which is it? Which is most important?
  14. I wouldn't even worry about opening the game and not changing all the dialogue. Perhaps the game just needs to open. I like quests, but you never know: is this the main quest? So you cannot see from the interface information provided, precisely that you are busy with a main quest or is it a side quest? Personally I like the words: main quests and side quests. So that's another strong recommendation. People must know precisely from the journal that they are busy with a main quest or a side quest. Personally I like playing the game, completing it as quickly as possible and then to play it again
  15. I'm a programmer, it's like a few lines to open up those areas. A few lines. Let the people enter there, if their characters are good, they will survive. My team was top. The best weapons. The best of everything. They were slaying those dragons at the bottom of the map at level 4, level 5. I knew precisely what the armors meant, the damage per second of the weapons, the frame rates. Those expected errands were just not too much fun.
  16. Look they are very sensitive. Perhaps we should move these topics to some other forum area, because they are very very sensitive. They won't even discuss the game. Even lightly. I have to personally message suggestions and comments to the developers.
  17. The game is great. The game is OK. Keep up the good work...I enjoyed this game more than most other games. But I can see someone might quit at those bottlenecks. So man up! And discuss it - look at it. Just remove those restrictions on the areas where users cannot go to because they have to complete some main quest.
  18. Bye bye! Yourself. I'll see what's in the latest patch thank you!
  19. Take some constructive suggestions and criticism. Man. Show some toughness. Be tough. Be open-minded. I'm merely suggesting, open up those 2 areas. There is a bottleneck in the game. That's all I am saying. "He means the two specific gatings that happen in the entire game: between Act 1 and 2 (defiance bay), and between Act 2 and 3 (twin elms). " I believe you...‚Äč everything you have said. Instead of thanking me, you attack me.
  20. I have no problem with the game. I'm busy with my own business and deadline projects. I abandoned Skyrim 2 too to do work, if it will make you feel better. If you don't want to take my advice on the stronghold, leave it. Don't do it.
  21. Look I can be tough on them, but having run a business myself, I understand that everything is difficult. If I can't get my own business perfect after 10 years, then how can I expect someone else to do it. Someone that needed a kickstarter project funding. I might try something like this game someday. As a programmer, I can see how it was done. Very cleverly, very intelligently.
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