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  1. Naw ... even if the devs did come out with that statement many people simply wouldn't believe them; hells, people (myself included) already don't believe their statement that the limerick wasn't vetted prior to being included in the game in the first place. (Whether Sawyer saw it personally or not may be a different story however.) *EDIT* Sure, but at the same time its in extremely poor taste to go to your neighbor's house and start a screaming, kicking hissy fit because you find something on display that is offensive.
  2. Although in general I'm not sure that I'd agree that in a fantasy setting where "race" actually denotes something meaningful that racial tensions wouldn't be a very real part of life and I think Shadowrun summed it up quite nicely with; "Who cares what color your skin is when that THING over there has horns!" However with that said, I do agree that the entire rebirth cycle would tend to dampen racism, sans a belief that your soul's racial rebirth could be influenced by morality of course.
  3. What strikes me as funny is when people who profess to not caring about the SJW/GG discussions come into a thread that is very clearly devoted to thus and complain. I mean I might be able to see your point if these threads amounted to even a substantial minority of topics on this board but as is there currently seems to only be one or perhaps two active topics at a time with new ones popping up as the old ones are hit with the mod hammer.
  4. The loading screens I can see, but they really should improve the resting bonus.
  5. Yeah .... because Gandalf never picked up a sword and trying to recreate Belgarion would just be ... BAD WRONG FUN. *Edit* My apologies, I misread your post.
  6. Although I'm not sure it'd work in the ruleset I'd personally like to see a system similar to D&D3 where you get to, more or less freely choose which class you are improving at each level.
  7. I have to agree, having the option to skip the entire berry quest would be nice.
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