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  1. Obsidian writes good romances. Probably because they aren't pandering. Bishop comes to mind, or what was left of it. Both Handmaiden and Visas, too. If BioWare did them they'd end in a climactic sex scene before the endgame and Handmaiden would tell you her name in the throes of passion and Visas' scene would still do the force vision thing, only it would be used to cover up the naughty parts somehow. I think it's because Obsdiz seems to have a certain amount of vitriol for romances that they turn out so good.
  2. Easy mix-up, BioWare is filled with horrible people, too.
  3. And naturally, like just about everyone in this game, the Masters were wrong, else Kreia wouldn't have snuffed them out.
  4. I think it's kind of silly to make the Exile a female based on equality. Especially as the Male Exile's story is so much better. I also think it's silly to make her insanely light-sided, just because the light-side always wins. It fits more for the Exile to follow Kreia's teachings, making her a bit more neutral. The same with Revan, willing to do evil in the course of what he believes as right, falling to the dark side but never controlled by it. But whatever. The clown who makes these canon choices is a moron and I can't change that.
  5. Is it surprising that Obsidian's inspiration is a little more creative then Lucas's, really? At least, I think it was Obsidian who devoloped that particular image of Atris' Echani, anyway.
  6. Whoa. One harmless insult and look what happens. No need to be as immature as me boys and girls, we don't need to flame.
  7. If that original post was your inner-thoughts then I fear for your mental stability. Anyway, since the devs are using the old-school "answer Questions" method, I don't suppose I could ask for details regarding said questions other then Revan's gender, could I? Now, Imagine someone giving you the cutest puppy-dog eyes ever when/if you answer that.
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