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  1. fantastic lyoto!!! can't wait for the all american BRIAN STAAAAAAANN! XD
  2. Haha those would be hilarious. I agree about Nick, although I have nothing but respect for him as a fighter which is why I made a human and Orlan version for him. In honor of her fighting tonight... Ronda Rousey Fantastic woman....beautyfull and powerfull... i love it XD
  3. Ah, Sakara was always one of my favorites: Alessio Sakara AWESOME!!! i love to play with name of sakara because im frome rome like him always use Sakara nick name in all GDR i play offline and online this portraits it's fantastic wow! i need start new adventure with a warrior now ^^ obiouvsly with that portrait xD TY so much!!! Brian stann , wanderlei silva , weidmann
  4. Iv'e made some ken shiro portraits for play your monks , if u like play ! UAAAAAAATATATAATATATATATATATATAAAA! https://www.sendspace.com/file/bj2vgv Image here : http://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity/mods/80/? Installation Instructions: Once you extract the zip folder, you will find two folders named "female" and "male" appropriately. These two folders must be placed/copied/extracted to the "player" folder located here: *Installation Folder*\Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\data\art\gui\portraits\player. *Installation Folder* will be the path where you installed Pillars of Eternity, this might differ depending on whether you used a GOG installer or installed Pillars of Eternity through Steam, but the folder structure is relatively the same.
  5. i have same problem with mac when i've change the dll for the bug of lord raedric later of the patch 1.04 i don't see the cloak back on my PG
  6. chi volesse discutere in compagnia ed in lingua madre http://pillarsofeternity.forumfree.it Cant EDIT: "If you would like to discuss in the company and in the mother tongue" As advertised, an Italian PoE forum! Have fun and happy adventuring, my Italian friends!
  7. same for me iv'e posted that problem but the technical support don't show my post i cannot see the cloak back on the PG
  8. when i have substitute the Assembly-CSharp.dll file for solve the bug of the lord raedric all the cloak's breaks away from character !!!!! why!!? and so i don't solve the bug because the game crashes during the loading...
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