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  1. This is a bit ridiculous, why cant PoE refer to both? OP can refer to original poster and overpowered!
  2. I have this problem and it seems to be getting worse as i add more and more saved games. I am going to try and delete most of them and see if this helps. It has helped in other games.
  3. 1.03.0503, but i dont remember what it was before The only thing i noticed was it took a few seconds for the saved games to be available from the main menu.
  4. i just started the game and i had a 578MB update. I dont see any news about it though. Any insights?
  5. I would like some clarification. This forum says plainly, no spoilers; but many people post spoilers here, some very minor, some not. So my question is are they allowed here or not? Also, what constitutes a spoiler? Does merely mentioning a character or game location count as a spoiler or only plot points?
  6. maybe you should try a forum that permits spoilers?
  7. This would make perfect sense to me, if it was an ACTUAL child. but since it is only a game these people should just STFU. Just think of the children....FFS
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