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  1. The damage bonus from sneak attacks is additive with crits, not multiplicative, so they wont be as huge as you might think. Rogues would still be a pretty good crit class regardless.
  2. If you do end up wanting to either of the builds you have above, I would strongly recommend (in the case of the Bleak Walker) dropping the +20% (spirit) corrode talent in exchange for a weapon focus talent (which ever group of weapons you feel gives the best versatility). The accuracy boost will be more significant than the slight boost to damage.
  3. One thing to remember with Flames of Devotion is that the bonus damage it provides is calculated from the total damage of the roll (after all the additive bonuses have been applied, including crit), before any DR is taken into account.
  4. Regular crits do 50% more base damage, not 100%. So the altered crit would go from +50% to +80%.
  5. I haven't done any testing of the minimun damage increase, but I have definitely seen Confident Aim come up in the combat log showing grazes being converted to hits a few times.
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