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  1. Eh...I remember in IWD there was a WISDOM stat which, if im not mistaken, was taking care of spell's power. And if i remember well, in some cases, it was replacing Priest's STRENGTH using melee weapons... ...it was sooooo long ago...
  2. Well, about that boat...it is not possible to reach it w/o confronting bunch of pirates unfo... So you are abt to chose whether to kill 1 bunch at Delver's row (u will get -5 rep after killing them which means 20-30% overpriced items in the area) or another one on yr way to this boat (as...in order to talk/get access to Mad Morena you need a quest fm Enoi, otherwise her people will simply attack you...) That's how it is. Seems like it is better to do it in a different way, i.e. enter Delvers Row via Gullet...
  3. Thanks both of you, guys, i was stupid enough not to notice the boat...now it is clear! ...now there's another problem to wait 6PM to leave my office where it is prohibited to play POE unfo...
  4. Neketaka...upon discovering "Gullet" first time i immy went to an "Old Town" (by the elevator) to find a corpse of Biha's husband... By killing everything there i learned there is no elevator anymore (i was warned by the guard they wont keep it long...but who cares?), i went further to the "Ruins" and then, entering "Crypt", NPC's are becoming 'red' attacking me. Well, ok...i found a way how to stealth to a Delver's Row (elevator left upper corner) and...NPC's there are attacking me again, stealth is not working anymore (i mean it does but there is no possy to stealth through the first bu
  5. It would be great basically! Old good hardcore with non-easy choice which arrow u gonna use against troll or ice-golem! And such a lovely feeling when you got 'unlimited' arrow +2 in yr inventory...aaaaah...
  6. Another thing was Raedrik's hold...sleepless nights, 100 saves/downloads, 100 hits to my keyboard, thinking on tactics and battle's approach, maybe Kaed Nua "Ogres" level was also good, but now...now you know.
  7. First of all i would like to say thanks to Obsidian for my gamer's essence rebirth (10 years ago i lived by BG/IWD/NWN and sometimes NOX, then it was WoW and then family starts...). PoE is super game with due atmosphere etc., however just now i faced a huge problem i dont know how to sort out (and to be honest im scare to accept the fact i will leave the game soon due to below described reason)... Basically...IS NOT INTERESTING TO PLAY anymore after reaching of 8th level: - difficulty: HARD - party of 5 members: my elf-ranger (along with Mr. Wolf), self-made paladin, eder two-handed
  8. PoE combat is good, however being at Hard difficulty i found it easy (next one will be definitely PotD).
  9. Usefull and workable, especially on early stage of the game. Be aware it is self-healing gear...
  10. Then it's convenient to gather all possible companions making them wait in Stronghold so you can choose whom to delegate for the next miniquest of Kaed Тua. Thanks for reply.
  11. Hey, i have a party fm 5 chars + Sagani and Kana (hate both) in Kaed Nua, am i share XP with them for my adventures? I.E. if i get 5k it shares equally between only those who is in group (1k for each) or Sagani and Kana are included (or if i have more/other companions in Stronghold). Thanks.
  12. Always choose 1st line - it will help and...YES, you will skip all this useless and boring "speech stuff"
  13. Just my thoughts... ...add "show cape" option to the settings and delete necklaces from the game (since both necklaces and capes replaces each other/occupy same slot). In addition add "show helm" option as well as some helms are really ugly.
  14. Stop counting Obsidian's money and cross fingers game will be "succesfull enough" to make them release either DLC or sequel soon.
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