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  1. - Limited camping supplies - disagree. You need *some* kind of limiter, else you end up doing the old BG "sleep after every fight". Suddenly, every single fight, you have a whole days worth of spells, feats, etc. I found the Hard limit of 2 a bit annoying at first, changed my playstyle, and now I am fine with it. - Custom made companions - wholeheartedly and 100% disagree. Currently I only have one in my group. But I am looking forward to a future run when my whole party is custom made. I enjoy making my own party, especially after a couple run throughs for the NPC dialogs. It was one of the few "cheats" I used in BG/BG2. It's removal would nearly ruin the game for me. - Stronghold - Meh. I don't love it, I don't hate it. It has potential to be cool. And again, it's pretty much 100% optional. - Enchanting/crafting. I think it could use improvement, but I see no reason to outright remove it. As to the infinite stash... yeah, there should probably be a limit. Or limit what merchants will buy, basing the price they will give you on how many of Item X are in their inventories (and the other merchants of a given town). Why would they continue giving you 20cp for that Xaurip staff, when they have 10,000 of them they already can't sell? --Gray
  2. And the Amish can build an entire barn in a day, without magic, or really, much modern technology. I'm fine with the instant-fix to open up the map and allow the player to continue the main quest. Sure, there are some "realism" issues, but i'm willing to suspend disbelief and wave my hands and mutter "magic". --Gray
  3. Why is it that anytime anyone asks for anything at all, someone has to jump from "How about a con system that will tell me 'easy' or 'really hard'?" to "Hey, can I just push a button an win?" Why can't you just chime in with how it would effect your game play, whether you think it's a good idea or not, and possibly suggest some alternatives? In this particular case, I just don't see how it wouldn't be a good thing to add. Most everything else is optional/toggleable, so why wouldn't this be? Most of those things are turned off in Path of the Damned, which I assume you are playing, so it wouldn't effect you at all. I tend to play through theses games on easy first, then settle in to progressively harder settings... so it likely wouldn't do much for me either. But if I was one who did want to jump in on my first playthrough to Hard.. then I'd likely use and appreciate the feature. --Gray
  4. I think the point is they have no context. I, too, had no idea they were backer-related fluff, and wasted a ton of time reading all their stories. It didn't really add anything to the game, in fact it made it more confusing, and distracted from the actual plot. --Gray
  5. I am seeing something similar, but a little different. I'm running PoE via Steam, on an iMac Bootcamped to Win7. When I open up the area map, large parts of it appear blurred out, including areas I have explored and cleared the fog of war. If the map has a point of interest, as soon as I mouse over one of these points, the blur goes away. On maps without any POIs, *usually* mouse hovering over the toggle to go from area map to world map, or the area around there, will make the blur go away. In both cases, as soon as I move my mouse off of that area, the blur returns. I'm at work now, but could screenshot and upload if it would help any. Also, not a bug per se, but the area map is so very very dark. Upping gamma doesn't do much good. Is there any way to make the map brighter? --Gray
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