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  1. Just happened to me also. Started/happened right after I killed big named drake that's guarding piece of Godhammer bomb (in some hot cave).
  2. Confirming same thing. Can kite/pull everything except fast mobs (like wolves, they don't seem to disengage maybe cause they are faster than player). At some point enemies (if they are not actively attacked) decide they will stroll slowly back to their camp. And that just earns them 6 arrows into back.
  3. While testing some DoT stuff found this: Player is able to completely ignore recovery (reset attack timer / not hit end attack animation event / something) 1) Equip any weapon (tested with Rapier, Blunderbuss(very slow), Hunting Bow) 2) Attack Character 3) At time of damage or when projectile leaves weapon(ranged) pause game 4) Press I for inventory 5) Notice that pressing I "reset" characters animation (back to idle) 6) Press I again. 7) Character attacks immediately (no reload, no cooldown,...) EDIT: Pause is not required, you can attack and double-press Inventory at time of attack. Easy reproduction. Could post nice combat log screenshot showing me shooting Eder with Blunderbuss like 3 times in one second. If combatlog had timestamps. Screenshot of Durance casting 3 Iconic Projections in a second. Kinda cool. http://imgur.com/bzHXYu2 --- Feature Request: Add Timestamps to Combat Log (also make them toggle-able on/off in options or atleast with console)
  4. Combat Logging DoT Damage would really help in debugging such things. (remember BG2 - Assassins Poison - 1,1,2,2,2,1,1... hehe) Right now I'm shooting stuff with Blunderbuss (6 projectiles per shot) and sometimes DeepWounds seem to stack (says like 37.5 damage over 13.5 on party member) and sometimes not. Also each projectile Sneak Attacks (I'm hitting for like 60-120 and stuff is exploding). Found another nasty bug testing this but it deserves it's own thread (able to ignore recovery completely, just shot at Eder with Blunderbuss like 3 times per second...)
  5. Update to Deep Wounds bug: * 10.3 damage comes from +3% from might bonus (10.3 over 13.5 shown in character sheet) * Shooting own party members shows 13.5 damage over 13.5 seconds in tooltip. So it might actually work correctly here and it's character sheet tooltip bug.
  6. MinorBug // Started game, lvl1 rogue. Onehand - Equip rapier in main hand - 10-15dmg, 47 acc // OK Dualwield - Equip rapier in main (10-15dmg, 35 acc) and stiletto in off (10-15, 30 acc) // OK Character Sheet BUG: OFFhand Single - Equip rapier on Offhand, no main hand weapon. Results in: Main - 10-15dmg blunt(fist), 42 acc Off - 10-15dmg pierce(rapier), 47 acc This would suggest that equiping weapon in offhand grants Singleweapon accuracy bonus to dualwield and that character would hit with both fist and offhand weapon. However when testing on wolf, character did not hit with fist and just used offhand weapon. Unfortunately I was not able to determine if character gets dualwield speed increase on single weapon with this method. Excerpt from output_log.txt (Filename: C:/BuildAgent/work/d63dfc6385190b60/artifacts/StandalonePlayerGenerated/UnityEngineDebug.cpp Line: 49) Paperdoll Character doesn't have the specified bone (primaryWeapon) for Weapon Attachment.
  7. Few Issues ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) Intelect interaction with dots: Dot duration is increased with increased inteligence while damage remains same. Sample: Deep Wounds (rogue class talent) * 10 damage over 10 seconds (10 int) * 10.2? damage over 13.5 seconds (17 int) (also where did that 0.2 come from) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2) Critical Hits with dots: Sample (Chanters level1 phrase, death something) 4 Damage over 6 seconds. becomes 6 Damage over 9 seconds. should become: 6 Damage over 6 seconds. (check Graze with dots also, probably does 2 damage over 3 seconds) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3) Maybe bug/probably intentional: Again chanters level1 phrase, does not scale in duration(damage) from intelect.
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