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  1. Until then, I will play D:OS2. I played EA and it's quite charming. You should try it out, too.
  2. Hello, may I seek advice on building a druid? I may take him on potd, so I need optimal build. I was thinking moon godlike, orlan or some kind of elf... I prefer stag form. Any advice...
  3. Any good site for custom potraits? Besides Nexusmods, it won't let me download.
  4. I managed to get game. Now, all remains waiting...
  5. Title says it all... I can wait till release, but I have trouble login into POE2 store page... They wont recognize either my email or login attempt...
  6. It's been a while since I was on forums and played the game. I currently own poe, white march i and ii, 3.04 edition. I played this game way back, before the expansion came out (white march i, I believe). What did change? Is druid still the best class? Are damage spells still useless? What is most op and underpowered class?
  7. I'm level 4 now, my party consist of druid stag (me), Eder, Durance, Aloth and Kana. I'm thinking of adding a moon goodlike rogue. Thoughts?
  8. Sorry, I misspoke! My party has five companions, I have four companions - Kana, fighter, Durance, aloth and my main character. But thanks on support. Would I be level 4 when I complete the Temple of Dead God? It seems like something that has fair amount of enemies, but I heard it's infested with spiders and other low level enemies?
  9. OK. I'm level 3. I have five companions, didn't clear the temple of dead god, could not reach lord Raedric (how could you enter his castle? Developers must wanted players to ask this). I completed weapon shipment quest, but didn't clear that area where you found shipment because forest lurker is too hard for me. I'm chanter and I met Kana and recruited him. At Caed Nud I met with shadows (I play easy difficulty). Lots of shadows! At least four of them are attacking my group! Is this normal for easy difficulty? I think I will go back and clear temple of dead god, then fight Norton (do you recommend fighting Norton at this stage?) and start using food I brought just so I can increase endurance and stats. I just wanted to ask you - is this game too hard for me? I really don't want to quit, but I feel agitated if I loose battle (I played nwn2 for too long). I welcome any advice on how to fight shadows, but if I don't level up at temple or fighting Norton, I would be forced to fight shadows at level 3 (or 4). I can't explore any other area except Caed Nud or that road that leads to Caed Nud (where you found weapon shipments). Do recommend avoiding shadows? Will game become any harder? Any advice (like - game will become even harder, quit now) is welcomed!
  10. Yeah, I really don't like this resting restrictions and how developers manage health system.
  11. I play in easy difficulty and my party died when I fough forest lurker. I though your character can't die if you play easy mode? Could some tell me more about difficulty rules? I prefer my fight to be easy, and I dislike when I die, so this is bit shameful, but I got impression game difficulty isn't set properly, where hard is easy and easy is hard. What do you think?
  12. I'm level 3, I'm early in the game, I completed area south of gilded vale and east of gilded vale, I havefour companions, everything worked perfectly before this. This is image of the problem. If you really need my computer spec, I will give it to you afterwards.
  13. I just discoved game almost three days ago, but I have expereince with NWN2 and I grow to love bards. I'm currently playing chanter, but I'm not satisfied. I think I need better armor and weapon, then we could talk.
  14. I'm level 2, have Aloth as companion and I'm in that grove south of Gilded Vale. Where can I find new companion? I'm facing 4-5 wolves and I get killed quickly.
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