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  1. I hope you restart anytime you die and dont use save and load then otherwise you invalidate your claim. Simple way to make everyone happy, make the con system toggleable. The bestiary is there to give stats on creatures and limit grinding for xp as you fight the mobs. A con system is so you know if you should attempt to attack a mob. I should ... restart my whole game on a wipe because I don't think con levels are a good idea, preferring surprise over knowing the level of every encounter in advance? The bestiary gradually provides useful information about a creature ... such as its level. The point he's making is that you gain the same information by fighting and reloading as you would get just by a little more information on the popup. The first is far more inconvenient. It's a game, not a life style. Who cares about convenience. This thread is what ended the production of games like baldur's gate and NWN
  2. seems to me they could just put similar stat and level requirements on it as lockpicking but cause it to destroy anything perceptibly fragile.
  3. Can someone quick tell me how to set a hotkey to select all party members?
  4. Why was this not implemented? This functionality existed in Balders Gate games, Icewind Dale games, and Neverwinter nights games... I don't get why its not in PoE.
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