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  1. I'm having same issue. I have steam version with hotfix but my hireling is still mute. Tried sending away and recruiting few times with no success.
  2. I got this issue in 1.03, hope it will be fixed in the next update.
  3. Can't tell if this happened before or after patch. My created companion became mute, i'm sure she used to have voice, any way to get it back?
  4. I find it strange that reviews don't mention how buggy game is despite such many and obvious problems. I'm wondering if pre-first patch game was more playable?
  5. Any official statement on this and many other gamebreaking bugs? I'm afraid of playing anymore to break my save completely, Kana has 21 int. , but probably all party members are effected.
  6. Occasionally after using inventory or character screen i got massive framedrops. Game runs at 20 fps for about half a minute then returns to previous 60 fps. Never saw any drops in other situations. Anyone experienced similar thing? I'm playing on i7-i4700mq & geforce 755m laptop.
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