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  1. Excellent work guys. I love this game.
  2. Mine have not been paid in this way. They remain listed as "currently unpaid" whether I visit the strong hold or not, whether it's time they were paid or not. And when they have not been paid for a long enough length of time they turn hostile.
  3. wow..so much random posting over the same issue. I think that when you are at appoint that MANY users have the same issue workaround solutions just aren't good enough. Let's hope this one is addressed in a quick patch .
  4. Seriously? The amount of times this same problem has been reported I believe we are well past silly error docs. Fact is it's a real and repetitive issue that needs fixing..and any silly "workaround" just isn't good enough.
  5. Same problem repeatedly. Multiple transitions. Can't get out and can't progress. Started when I tried to go up the stairs you are talking about I didn't even make it.
  6. I have experienced the same crash. Sometimes it happens before the loading screen but usually after with a black screen and "Pillars of Eternity is not responding" message from windows. I have tried to get around it many times but it repeats with different transition areas in Raedric's keep. I also have a bugged character on a completely new game started from scratch where a character constantly runs on the spot unless you move her specifically (a barb) - now the game has frozen because she is still running on the spot after enemies are dead and combat does not end because she is stuck. My specs are Win7 Ultimate(64), Nvidia GTX560Ti, 6gig ram, i7920 processor. I am playing the Steam version and anyone who wants to observe either bug is welcome to request a broadcast observation. It's very frustrating because until everything turned to mush I was loving the game. (and reviewed it at 98%)
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