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  1. I suppose the question of heavy armor vs light armor for your high deflection tanks is also dependent on what you need them for. For my party I just need my 2 tanks to keep the enemies engaged - I have enough damage from my druid/wizard/cipher that that I don't really need my tanks to do damage. They also have low might scores anyways - so I'd happily take a higher DR over more weak attacks. Besides, ever since my party hit 9 my tanks end up just holding position outside of the AOE kill zone that my wizard/druid have set up - a lot of the time they aren't even doing aside from standing pret
  2. I think he's referring to what happens of low level spell becomes at-will at higher levels - if they do become at will then the extra spell talent does become useless.
  3. Wow, is that only with Minoletta's or other projectile spell (like Kalakoth's Minor Blight)?
  4. There's a fine arbalest in anslog's compass, and Kana comes with an arbeques that you can transfer to whoever needs it more.
  5. Yeah I'm finding a 3 con as a wizard to not be detrimental at all (at least in non-ironman). I did end up restarting though - mainly to up the difficulty to PotD with a custom party. Maybe I'l lend up reconsidering how bad 3 con is when I fight the shades/shadows lol.
  6. Has anyone tried a 18/3/18/10/19/10 wizard? I'm trying one on hard right now and it's rocking the early game but wondering if that 3 con might cripple it late game.
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