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  1. there is no mod I can tell, but really, are you gonna stop playing because of this? if you want to check the modding scene, here you go http://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity/?
  2. Sneaking, how could this possibly be a problem I cannot fathom. It supposed to be an annoyance as finding secrets should takes effort (time), intuition (toggling sneak where you might think something could be hidden) and luck. That is what we expects from secrets, otherwise they are not.
  3. OS is same as mine but never had this problem. Could be some conflict with hardware drivers?
  4. I have noticed, few times now, items disappearing as chests (or any container) are opened. It is very noticeble altough the item will just appear for less than a second (like a flicker) that is hard to see what it is. Once this happens reopening the contaner will not show the item nor it disappearance effect. Has anyone noticed the same thing?
  5. there is another bug were having certain weapons in the third slot and zoning to a new area might cause the disappearance of the weapon in the second slot. seen it on Kana.
  6. I just found these bugs with this NPC 1) if you double click to equip an armour the third weapon slot will disappear, his talent armed to the teeth also goes away 2) some weapons equipped in its third slot (I tried fine pike and fine spear) will make the weapon in the second slot disappear after zoning to a new area. It seems this character is rigged with this sort of bugs, beware. I wonder what else is lurking in this game.
  7. This could be the cause as I remember double clicking armours in Raedric keep, when you have the option to disguise yourself with robes in the temple floor.
  8. I had this glitch in Raedric keep, after killing him. If you go back to the second floor where the temple is and speak to Nedmar again, the dialogue option regarding Giacco appear a second time (I had already clicked it the first time I met him). He will say thanks and give you again the 2 scroll of protection. I though it was some kind of mild bug, but somehow after that I could not enter in the throne room floor anymore as loading into that floor will cause me a crash, no matter what I did or where from. To correct I had to revert to a old save and avoid to speak to Nedmar a second time.
  9. I have this issue on Kana, during the quest in Raedric keep the Armed to the teeth trait disappeared from his character sheet and the third set as well. The weapon was assigned to the set by shown red, after I removed the set became locked.
  10. Unfortunately even then English text, specifically the Lore books and the soul reading from npc, feels like it is written from paid scholars rather than someone who writes as profession or interests. No nuances and style in the writing, just plain boring descriptive exposition. Totally disappointed. Seeing all the praise the game it has received so far, deserved in some aspects, but no criticism around this point, looks like gamers and journalists have forgotten about the pleasures of a good read.
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