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  1. On topic. Oh i regretted it pretty fast. Thankfully i only lost about 8 hours rerolling from my genius Evoker / Ascendant Hierophant Watcher. I always wanted a Cipher / Wizard full caster for RP reasons... i dont think there was a worse option i could've picked for it though. In my defense it was my first char.
  2. On this part while I agree, i'd like to add in the bit where he basically wrecks you'r whole castle, possibly some people included you might have cared about. Also he is draining souls somewhat nonchalantly on his casual stroll in the countryside. Not exactly Irenicus levels of personal hook, but it was a decent enough hook for my vindictive-atheist-****, and then fancy-nice-pants Watcher.
  3. Thats a bold statement. Aside from being short, i had absolutely no issue with the general writing quality (and i dropped poe1 halfway since it bored me to the 9 hells). Personally i just think its 2nd part trilogytitis. They chose side content over crit path so they'll have less of a hassle with the last part of the trilogy. I just hope there will be a payoff somewhere.
  4. Just ran into this the other day. As far as i could see nothing happened. Reflection bubble was still on my target, and i still had my mirror images on me. Buffs around my target were purged.
  5. To be fair that book has a negative on it, if i recall correctly. Every damage you eat interrupts spellcasting, so you better buff that wizard well or keep him out of harms way.
  6. I'd say wizards feel somewhat bland, but decently powerful. Low-mid level i've had some issues with prolonged fights even with empowering for resources. As for grims... not sure if it counts as a spoiler so i'll ommit the exact bonus, but i've bought one from a vendor that... kinda discourages switching (due to the nature of the bonus). As an evoker i already had few reasons to switch... after getting it i pretty much gave up switching. (name was Grimoire of Vaporous Wizardry i think?) Not too happy about the subclasses though. Really limiting for minor bonuses (though i only have exp
  7. I'm all for buffing PotD... but man... please don't touch my cheese. One thing i severely missed in PoE1 is the lack of any real options for cheese. If anything, PoE2 is still a bit low on cheese for my tastes. Challange is good, but not having the option for some bonkers meta-builds kinda drains the fun out of these newer CRPG's. I would prefer if the game threw comparatively large amounts of ridiculous stuff at me, so i'd have to counter it with my own ridiculous min-max builds. For reference, i draw the line at Cloudkilling stuff from off-screen when it comes to cheese overl
  8. So from what i can tell the classic unarmed, dodgy monk in robes, with only class default DT isn't a thing in this game? While i find the new wound mechanic interesting, its not something I'd play as my first char. Monk and taking hits to the face for skill usage just doesn't click with me. Barely begun, so i'm still good for a quick class reroll).
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