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  1. Like a poster above me said, it's not very thorough. It feels rushed, I notice quite often they will describe the options for a quest, and I'll notice those options don't exist, like the Prima people only played an earlier version. I find it "unwieldy"... Alt-Tabing out of the game to zoom in to a colorful illustrated PDF is not the most convenient way to figure out what's what. Like a previous poster said I find myself just using online guides more often than not.
  2. I've been kinda embarrassed to admit with so many people complaining that hard mode is too easy. But I share the same problem with the OP, (whether he's trolling or not) I mean, I've got the strategy guide that came with the royal edition, I've spent plenty of time watching these youtube tutorials, but when I get in the game and play I tend to get slaughtered... A lot
  3. Yes it did this first. Then I launched the game, made a new character, quit, unchecked and rechecked the DLC and THEN it queued the 1.8 GB DL.
  4. Finally got my stuff to download. I just had to uncheck all the DLC on the Steam page, restart steam and the game queued an update.
  5. Uncheck and recheck the DLC content. then restart steam. I got it to start the 1.8 GB download by doing this.
  6. I'm not a backer. Just a guy who purchased the Royal Edition through Green Man Gaming.
  7. This is me as well. I bought the Royal Edition from GMG and not sure how to access the extra content.
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