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  1. Lake Mungo, a very convincing australian horror mockumentary that I'm sure must have inspired the recent The Haunting of Hill House series. Very creepy, and if I had come across it on TV without being aware of it being fake I would have wholeheartedly believed it and I probably would have stopped sleeping altogether.
  2. In unrelated news, apparently Trump thought Turkey was bluffing and would never invade Syria. He also claimed escaped ISIS prisoners were deliberately set loose by the kurds to try to force US intervention. How can there still be people who support this absolute vegetable?
  3. It was also labeled the next day when it was still the previous day in the US, but not in Hong Kong. Honestly I can't get too worked up. This is how capitalism works. Screw over the people to make more profit for your shareholders. People are just mad because this time they noticed, and they noticed because video games are serious business.
  4. Seems to me that the whole bathroom issue gets misaimed. Your problem is with pedophiles, not transpeople. Old bearded men can go into the bathroom and ogle the little boys now. I know the right (and pedophiles) will try to conflate gender identity issues with pedophilia but they're not actually connected.
  5. Man, I haven't had any time to hang out here in ages. What's up everyone? Baby due in two months. I'm stressing out like crazy.
  6. Empty words from Epic. They're practically owned by China and have no platforms for people to speak out.
  7. Pretty much. I enjoy the crazy visuals and the characters and Bill Skarsgard's performance, but they're more like over the top action movies with horror imagery. I really liked both, but not because they're good. They're fantastic popcorn munchers for me to laugh at.
  8. For a much more interesting horror experience with a spooky clown (among other things), check out the recently released "Haunt" - does exactly what it sets out to do, which is make you clench your butt cheeks.
  9. It Chapter 2. It was kind of terrible, and not scary at all, and it was a complete mess, and it was the best time I've had at the movies because it was consistently entertaining if not always for the reasons it should be. It's the horror equivelant of a bad action movie. Laughed my head off.
  10. Godzilla - King of Monsters... There was a lot of brouhaha about critic and audience dissonance with this flick, where critics were like "it lacked the human element, there was too much monsters" and audiences were like "that's why we're here, idiots!”. This left me prepared to hate the people in it, but woefully unprepared for how freaking awful the monster stuff is. No redeeming features whatsoever.
  11. Yes, I love it. I never expected it to be this good.
  12. Nevermind, hype is back.
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