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  1. On urging of friends, I decided to watch all the Fast & Furious movies over the past 2 weeks and while the first few were bad, they do get entertaining big dumb action movies once they switch from the racing aspect to more heist movie stuff. Good way to turn your brain off.
  2. She's had no such experience so far, but the first trimester was essentially all-vomit-all-the-time and she's not allowed to play stressful competitive games anymore because the baby will kick her until she stops. #GamerWife
  3. Richard Williams, master animator, designer of Roger Rabbit and Jessica Rabbit and writer of the recommended starting point for all animators, "The Animator's Survival Kit". R.I.P.
  4. Wife pregnancy update: My wife accidentally dropped her diamond pickaxe in lava in Minecraft and proceeded to sob uncontrollably for hours.
  5. I have such awful handwriting that back in high school they'd often make me redo tests on a computer.
  6. At least the kids are away from him now, right?
  7. Everything you share about your personal life is horrifying. Glad it wasn't you.
  8. I don't really want to get into this debate, but at least we can put the "good guy with a gun" defense to rest. This was a Walmart in Texas. If it didn't work there, it'll never work.
  9. They're expensive, and stuff was already expensive.
  10. I assume they are referring to "Bitterballen", which is a fried ball of breadcrumb filled with meat ragout. They're delicious. Other than that, a very Dutch thing to do is put chocolate sprinkles on bread and we have, of course, "Stroopwafels". For traditional meal food, we do this thing where we take boiled potatoes and a vegetable (such as kale or sauerkraut), add some tiny bits of bacon and/or ham and then SMASH THE ****ING **** OUT OF IT until it's a big mush. I hate it. It is usually served with smoked sausage.
  11. Getting new stuff: Awesome Getting new stuff when living in a fourth floor apartment: Not as awesome *passes out*
  12. Aaaaand Republicans just blocked election anti-tamper laws.
  13. What are you talking about, our job was to provide windfury totem so the warrior tank could generate better rage.
  14. I was actually super hyped when beta started and lots of videos came out and that feeling has completely faded to remembering the ridiculous grind and time investment. Pass.
  15. R.I.P. Rutger Hauer, a national treasure. Time to rewatch Floris in your honor.
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