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  1. Hope Brilliant can be modded back to 1 spell of each level or I’ll be confined to only ever casting Salvation of Time from my Priest.


    Does anybody have a backup of pre-4.0 files? If not, I’ll roll back when I’m home from my holiday.


    Well as it is now it's more balanced with no caster classes. In it's current stat, they could brink it back in chanter spell like before.

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  2. Ah, so it was changed to 1 random spell usage. With all the balance change since release can be confusing sometime.


    Brilliant is 'useless' for cipher (or could be great for the new psion). The problem is multiclassed cipher that can't cast brilliant on themself to retore their other class resource (old discussion).


    multiclassed characters always got a resource advantage over single classed.

  3. Brilliant tactician is bugged right now, I reported a bug and a dev responded : the game keep track of entities that should be destroyed. Let's wait next update (release at this point?).


    War caller with tactician isn't that great, because right now none of the early invocations interrupt.


    When it come to subclass balance, they could rework all wizard ones too. Change the disadvantage or add more Oomph to the special abilities (perhaps more uniques spells).

  4. Yes. 1 Spell use per spell tier per 6 seconds. While Fighters gain 1 Discipline...


    I already suggested to alter the effects of Brilliant based on the resource pool (regain spells less frequently, for example every 20s) but so far it's still this imbalanced mess.


    Or make it restore half martial resource since often brilliant is on only for 1-2 ticks. But yeah, brilliant will never be balanced I think (The inspiration system itself isn't).


    I always though they should have build all classes around resource generation instead of managing a small pool of resource (and make each abilities compete each other when it come to cost effective). That one of the thing I like about Diablo3 and chanter/monk/cipher. And it scale with the lengh of a fight. You never run out of resource, so you can design long encounters.

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  5. I'm still having a hard time deciding between Helwalker and Shattered Pillar to pair with Blood Mage. The former gets on-demand wounds and might (as well as rooting pain procs), but may be hard to keep alive in the thick of melee. SP doesn't benefit explicitly from Blood Sacrifice when it comes to wound generation, but SP already has high wound generation in a Sage build.




    Edit: Come to think of it, no-sub monk but actually be a better choice than Helwalker. I forgot that 1 might per wound is actually not that great of a boost for the penalty.


    The problem is that  I suspect hellwalker extra dmg influence blood sacrifice? Best way to kill yourself when you have 10 wounds. I think you would end up never using blood magic because never at full life to support the random raw dmg.

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  6. I'm a little disapointed by the lack of synergy of the tactician war caller. It's more a chanter problem. You need to wait PL 6 to get an interrupting spell (the tornado) when a MC wizard or cipher can interrupt at lvl 1. I though the push spell and the paralyse one would count as interrupting but not. The summons are nice, but if you play with a party a chanter companion give you the same benefit.

  7. Is is just me or is a Tactician very... exploitable?


    Tactician/Beckoner with Grave Calling (foe-only Chillfog on vessel kill)?


    Tactician/Cipher with Phantom Foes


    Tactician/Wizard with Slicken.


    And so on...


    Getting discipline back is easy with multiclassing. At same time, I don't find the fighter the most resource hungry class since lot of ability cost 2 and are duration based. The brilliant inspiration is 'useless' for the tactician and is here more to get back other class resource but you need to keep it on a long time.


    If you combine with a second class with unlimited resource like chanter, cipher or blood mage, yeah you have unlimited resources, but you will use a lot of your action economy to CC the enemies.


    The good point of this subslass, is that it combo with prety much all other classes.

  8. I'm curious of your impressions, but I get the feeling blood mage is great at low level but become less interesting at high level. It work like the brilliant inspiration but you sacrifice health. It's great until you can get a reliabe way to get the inspiration (like a cipher). After that what's the point? The subclass don't scale.


    A few ideas :

    > Make the bonus PL level scale with your wizard PL.

    > Or have a stacking effect like for the new monk subclass : more blood you sacrifice, better PL bonus you get but each time more health you loose. The defense malus vs bloodied enemies could increase too.

    > Closer to death you are, better PL bonus you have. Get a PL bonus at Bloodied and another one at near death. Encouraging you to taking risks to get more powerfull.

    > Could replace one of the upper effect with a might bonus.

    > Add more blood sacrifing abilities : So you have the base one, good early on to get back spells. As you level up add new ones that give you some uniques buffs, like a might inspiration or raw stats bonus. More blood you give, better bonus. Could be a toggle ability that drain your health in exchange of a bonus. The subclass could have some unique flavor blood spells that use health instead of spell slots.


    Blood mage give you a great early brilliant inspiration like ability, but when you can get the inspiration with the use of a cipher, or multiclassing as a tactician, it loose it's appeal. I find the subclass miss some punch at max level.

  9. I like the idea of a toggle that let you cast from health. They could at min give you a blood magic spell for each level. Another possibility, is let blood magic PL bonus stack & refresh. More you sacrifice, more power you get but you loose more health (increase the raw dmg with each stack of blood magic instead of something completly random). Work similar to the new monk curse.

  10. Blood mage are very promising at low level when you're spell starving, but I find they don't really scale well. Closer you're from lvl 20, a cipher can cast Brilliant on you and you get same result but without any disavantages. At level 20, multiclassed or not you have plenty of spells, and it's more critical/interesting to get back some specific spells than a random one. Blood magic work like a single tick brilliant inspiration. Great until you can get the inspiration.


    I don't think the PL bonus from blood magic scale with your level. +1PL at high level feel very low. Have it scale with your wizard PL, or perhaps have a passive (that replace or stack) that give you a PL bonus based on your health pool (bloodied then near death). Closer to death, more powerfull is your magic.

  11. In my opinion Blood mage & tactician are the big winners. First they address one of my biggest grip in deadfire : limited resources that force you to auto attack / spam the most cost efficiency ability. Second they offer good opportunities for multiclassing/combo.


    Tactician fit with pretty much all classes. Synergy with abilities that interrupt (and aoe weapons for multiple hits) and the brilliant tactician allow to generate resource for your other class. The class promote crown control instead of dmg.


    Blood mage is the only wizard subclass that interest me and don't limit your spell casting. Combo with anything that can heal you/reduce the dmg. The only draw back, it's too random. The dmg you take depend of the spell level, but since it's random restoring a level 7-9 spell don't have the same implication than a level 1. Dying because of bad luck isn't really interesting. The class need to promote taking risk, not playing casino.

    Dev could implement Blood sacrifice as a spell for each level (with a precise amount of dmg) so you can choose wich level you restore. If randomness is an important point for the dev. create 3 abilities :

    Blood Sacrifice I : restore a random spell of level 1-3

    Blood Sacrifice II : lvl 4-6

    BS III : lvl 7-9

    With for each the range of dmg you can take. That give you more control, let you take controled risks and still have a part of luck.

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  12. 3. Blood sacrifice is variable because it return a random spell slot, dmg depending of the spell slot. Easy to kill yourself if you aren't full life and restore a high level spell. In my opinion it's too random. Blood sacrifice could be added at each spell level with the specific dmg it do (or divide spells in 3 tiers, 1-3, 4-6, 7-9 with a specific blood magic for each)


    4. Got the same issue. Float value problem when your current focus is calculated?


    5. Soul mind is based on your cipher power level (not character level). You can see it in active effect in your character sheet. If multiclassed your max regen is +3/s.

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  13. I've done some quick tests with some dummies, I'm a bit disapointed.


    Blood mage : one of the best new subclass, and the first wizard subclass I really want to play. Work really well with concelhault spells that heal you (fit the theme). I just hate that the blood sacrifice is random. If you aren't full heal and it decide to restaure one of your best spell slot : RIP. I would prefere if it add the blood sacrifice as a free spell for each spell level, letting you choose what level you want back (and manage your health pool instead of let luck choose for you).

    Work well as a sage or battlemage.


    Tactician : Another great one. I don't like resource management of most classes in deadfire because they are too limited. I find monk, cipher & chanter fit better allowing you to generate resources. Tactician work the same. If multiclassed you can have unlimited discipline. (tempted with a blood mage/tactician battle mage!). The new cipher subclass make it even easier.

    Note : the brilliant tactician is bugged with cipher spell that flank enemies, look like that don't proc it.


    monk : A bit disapointed, because that just make you spam 1 ability and make all other wound attack useless. More curse you have, better is the dmg bonus from the attack. Too bad it's not a global bonus. Note : mortification ability work with the subclass.


    Rogue : could fit perhaps some solo/RPG runs, but a cipher feel better at charming. And I have really hard time to not use trickster, just because I love the extra free abilities (if only all subclass got something similar).


    Arcane archer : the idea is interesting, right now it's completly broken with some weapons. But feel counter intuitive with the pet : the pet don't love the aoe. Why web spell since you already have an ability that can immobilize? Why not just make a ghostheart/wizard where you don't bother to shoot your own pet?

    Miss some munitions like :

    Combustion ammo, apply combustion wound to all damaged targets (so it's scale with bouncing & aoe weapons). It help your pet dmg too and can proc the passive when enemies have a dot.

    Draining ammo : Return a % of dmg as health to you & your pet.


    Chanter : another summoner subclass.


    Cipher : the interrupt ability work really great with a tactician, but the focus regen... with a level 20 multiclassed character it's 3 focus/second for just one unique ability. You just become an interrupt bot? When I read the patch note I was expecting something like a cipher that get focus from spell dmg.


    It's just some quick impressions from the subclasses.

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  14. It's OP and will be nerfed to the ground, but without this interaction, what's the point of the subclass? I mean if you can't use weapon special abilities like AOE or even class bounce, just better to make a ghostheart/wizard geomancer? The AOE abilities are even not pet friendly, so lot of chance you kill your own pet with a big fireball blast.

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