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  1. Maybe it's worthwhile in combination with Driving Flight?


    Why the heck did they change it from passive to active? Those active abilities that all do quite the same (deal damage with one attack) but compete for resources are just stupid.


    If the high level stuff is better than the low level stuff you don't want to take the low level stuff and wait till later (except when retraining). If the low level stuff is good you won't ever pick some other of those attack abilities. 


    Modals/buffs with durations and such: all cool. But why giving rangers Wounding Shot and then later Twinned Shot as active attack. Why?


    Same with rogue and the strikes. Why would I want to spend points on three to four different strike abilities? Especially if one of them only costs 1 guile and the others 2 or even 3(!)?.

    I agree, the rogue/ranger abilities make sens with a per encounter use. Why use high level abilities when you can spam low level ones a lot more?


    - the rogue miss some classic fan of knifes, or knife throwing (plus upgrade for bounce.) and some aoe strike.


    - for the ranger, I was thinking about a combined strike : you attack an enemy and if your animal companion is in range it get a free full attack on the target. A modal for the animal companion, switching him from an offensive stance to a defensive stance (wich give you a bonus if the animal is near you). Even if you have passives that do the same thing, I find a modal more dynamic and invole some decision from you.

    Animal spirit : you invoc the spirit totem of your animal, and you get a buff depending of the type of animal.

    Animal form : You transform in the same form as your animal companion and you get a bonus to fight near him. You can't cast spell but you can use weapon abilities. Weaker than druid shapeshifting, but when you're near your animal companion enemies attacking you have a chance to hit the companion instead of you (some sort of mirror image).

    push back : a cheap melee attack that knockback and stun and that you can use with a ranged weapon (like the grimoire slam for the wizard).

    And you could have some classic ranged attack like rain of projectiles, fan attack...


    Like I said previously, the ranger tree feel very uninspired.



    A little side question : How modal upgrades work? can you only get one upgrade (like for other abilities) or can you unlock them all?

  2. I was super hyped by multiclassing, and like I said before a bit unimpressed by tier 8-9 abilities for some classes, but now I think about it there is one huge annoying drawback about multiclassing I never considered before : you unlock tier 6 à level 16 and tier 7 à 19. I don't know when you're supposed to reach max level, but I got the feeling that mean you unlock these abilities late/end game.

    Some classes don't have much abilities at tier 7, but others have lot of cool ones at this tier, and if you multiclasse you can only get 2 & 1 ability points at this tier.


    A single classe character you can enjoy earlier and for a longer time tier 6-7 abilities. A solo chanter can begin to restor resource points at level 13 with the upgraded spell that give brilliant ispiration (if the inspiration haven't changed).


    If you're planing to multiclasse you need to mostly consider abilities from tier 1-5 for most of the game.

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  3. Quick question about companions, multiclass and respec'ing:


    Suppose I build Xoti as Contemplative (priest + monk). If it does not work greatly, can I respec her as a full Priest? We don't know much about her subclasses yet, but I do not believe long casting + taking wounds make a great combo.

    don't forget there is an ability, the 'dance' ability that generate wound until you're hit. So you can generate wound without be in the melee. And you have an upgrade of long pain that allow you to use your melee weapon at range and so use monk wound attacks behind team mates.

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  4. rewatching the skill trees I'm puzzled now. I was hyped by multiclassing but I'm considering a solo classe Monk. Enough cool stuff to just focus in this classe and unlocking power level 7 at level 13 instead of 18 make a big difference I find. Or multiclasse with a wizard and unleash 4 duplicates at end game, who need a party?


    In my opinion chanter & monk (and paladin) are the big winner with lot of cool stuffs. the barbarian tree have perhaps too much upgrades instead of complete new abilities. You only have 1 new ability / power level, the rest is just upgrades. Fighter feel super classic, nothing spectacular (in the description) but the abilities look strong. For the spell casters have harder time to judge their end game abilities.


    One question, du you think monk flagellan ability work like fighter charge, full attack on every one on the path (+ bonus dmg since 1 power level highter), or is it just full attack on final target and the crush dmg only on people on the path?




    Skald/ Monk:

    • I wonder if it is possible to play a ranged glass-cannon Skald/ Hellwalker per Instrument of Pain; that'd seriously kick ass! Like seriously... k i c k... a s s...
    • Seriously... ;-) That's probably the first thing that I'll test at launch!



    Unless it changed with full launch the Skald's Crit to generate phrases system is based on melee only.  So, you would be better going Troubadour for the Helwalker build.  The tips in character creation do not clarify this well, IMHO.  Melee Skald/Helwalker can get pretty crazy though. 


    You missed the point, instrument of pain increase the reach of melee weapons, so your still using your melee weapon, but at range. It's like fighting with quaterstaff or spear. Monk melee abilities work with long pain, so everything that proc in melee should work too.

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  6. The ranger tree past 5 feel so... uninspired. At 7 only upgraded skills. At 8 two, one for melee other for ranged so... not even a choice. And at 9 only one skill. Past 5 you don't have any reel choice with this skill tree. And most animal companion skills are heal skills.


    Oh and rogue follow. How they couldn't find 2-3 skills ideas for level 7-8-9?

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  7. You are right: it's only +10 deflection against melee attacks with dw dagger + modal. So no point in using two daggers, which is stupid. Because if you use one dagger and  let's say an axe you also get +10 deflection but the axe will not have the -25% damage malus - while when you use two daggers you will have +10 deflection as well but BOTH daggers will suffer from -25% damage (just tested in beta4).


    Really stupid.


    Avoid to make shield less attractive? They could perhaps make it so the second dagger give less deflection.


    Can you activate 2 different modals or are they mutual exclusives?

  8. Thx for your answers. I still find weird the increase of abilities cost (making them less attractive as you progress) but I'll see by myself when the game out. Do you get more power resource at later level or does it increase only at +1 each time?


    I have a few questions about some emchanics :

    - If you have more than 1 chanter in the group, does phrases stacks if they use different one at same time, and can you keep a phrase always on if two chanters alternate it?

    - Same with Paladins, do auras stack if you choose a different one?


    - the monk torment reach is stated as melee in the wiki, does that mean it only work with melee weapon or can you use it with a ranged weapon (like minor blights) but at melee range? If you have minor blights in one hand (I think it is one handed?) and a melee weapon off hand, which weapon will be used?

    - does duality of mortal presence stack with an inpiration that give the same bonus?


    - I think carnage in b4 don't proc passives, but can other AOE weapons like minor blights or blast rod?

    - does the berserker bonus  hit to critic is a passive (and can stack with another active buff) or considered an active bonus of frenzy?


    And last one : the game have a party assist bonus for the skills, is it always on or only used in conversation? For the purpose of using scrolls or potion bonus, does the game check the character personnal skill or does it include the party assist?


    thx all.

  9. Currently doing a re-run of Pillars 1 in preparation for Deadfire, I'm really torn being roleplaying and practical/build choices for Pallegina.   My story preference makes her turn into a Kind Wayfarer, yet I really don't want to lose her Wrath of the Five Suns ability with her current order....


    *sigh* what to do....

    Same problem here. too bad she didn't get another unique subclass if she loose her unique paladin order.


    Xoti - priest (healing is necessary, I don't like multiclassed monks because they don't get full fist progression, and if you're not punching as a monk, what are you doing?)

    Well, monks can use weapons like a kensei in D&D :rolleyes: and priest get a specific summon weapon. Or you can make him follow the Way of 4 elements (D&d5) if you create a wizard/monk. Lot of options!

  10. Hi every one. I wonder if anyone have some insight why non caster abilities cost more ressources as you progress in level? From the streams I watched it feel pretty weird to me, specialy compared to POE1. Replaying it right now, and each time you get a new active ability it always come with it's own per encounter/rest use. So you always gain more abilities uses and each abilities don't predate each other.


    Casters in POE2 (as I understand) get new spell use for their new level, so more powerfull spells don't reduce the number of time they can use their lower level spell. They always progress with more spell uses as they level up.


    But for non casters in POE2, look like as you take highter level active abilities you're loosing number of time you can use your abilities. A level 8-9 character that use a 2-3pt ability use prety much half his resources. It feel like it's encouraging you to use and spam only 1pt abilities, or respect just to take 1 hight level ability. (or use empower to restor resources instead of powering an ability).


    Is there something missing in the beta? I noticed somewhere there is a boon (brilliant I think it was) that allow you to restore your resources. Is there some consumables (like potions) that can restore resources? Or items that give you +x resources like in POE1 and the caster rings. Something that will explain this design choice.


    Cipher and monk wound abilities don't have this problem because they can generate focus & wound during the battle.

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