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  1. Are you sure I am still breaking invis using DOT abilities. Perhaps the ones that kill invis for me are item related.



    Are you using the beta patch?

    Some item like incendiary grenades creates an AOE field that count like an attack for it's duration, but the burning DOT after don't broke the invisibility for me. You should list the items/abilities that break invisibility so the dev can look at it.

  2. Dot no longer break invisibility in last beta patch (1.1). Tested with deep wound, toxic strike & arterial strike. Beware of grenades that leave an AOE, the persistant AOE break the invisibility (Don't think it's a bug, but just be cautious with attack that leave a persistant AOE).

    But, the unique invisibility spell you can get is broken by DOT, look like it's a rogue ability fix but not an invisibility fix (don't know if potions works forgotten to test).


    Pernicious cloud apply now the dot (a really small dot), but noticed the 1.1 introduce lot of UI bug, like all dot are showed at 0.0 dmg in the combat log, and some buff don't have character icon (repulsive visage).


    Ring the bell one handed : It's more balance than bug, but the dot don't stack, making a full attack not great (poor dagger rogue), and the scalling is really low, +20% at level 20 for a multiclassed rogue? And the upgrade that just buff the duration is weak too, rogue should be about burst dmg, if you play a dual dagger build you're just better to use arterial strike x2 than loosing resources on ring the bell!


    Shadowing beyong : Loosing invisibility remove the buff (but I haven't checked the character sheet, perhaps only the icon is removed?) Perhaps the ability should apply 2 separate buff : Have one invisibility buff and another for the deflection bonus so you can loose one without touching the other?

  3. I agree that taking more active abilities is counter intuitive, specialy since as you progress often the ability cost increase too. In the old system, all abilities were per encounter, so more abilities more stuff to use. But at same time you didn't get reel choices because you could just spam all your aviaible use / encounter.


    It really depend of the class. Casters get more spells to use as they progress (in my opinion, I'm not really fan of the 2 cast per spell levels. I think a caster should use more low level spells (more use) and use less ogten high level spells (harder to place, longer casting time / easier to interrupt. Or have the ability to cast low level spells with a highter spellslot). Cypher & Monk have unlimited resources because they can generate some of their resources etc...


    The problem really rise with a class like the rogue that have many attack skills that compete each others and lot of ability that cost 2-3 pts.


    Way to solve the problem?

    Add some modals/stance to classes that don't have them (more active/involving that plain passive but don't take resources)

    Developpe the dual resource system like the monk to other class. A rogue could have a traditional resources for skills like invisibility/mobility, but a different resources that renew for all their attacks.

    Use a focus/phrase like system for most classes.

    Use a caster system for other class. Exemple rogue : divide abilities in different categories, each categorie have it's own use per encounter.


    All the tools are already here. But biggest poe2 problem right now it's difficulty/balance (and bugs). What the point to a complete resources spending/generator when you can finish most fight with 1 empowered spell?

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  4. Can someone explain to the noob (me) what this actually entails?

    Any dot dmg (poison, deep wound, arterial strike etc...) break the invisibility, like if you were attacking. If you want play an assassin with invisibility (or just use invisibility as a defense option) you must make sure you don't use any damage over time abilities/items. Lot of rogues abilities are mutual exclusives right now.


    The only invisibility that don't break from dots or attacks are the last one from rogue at pl9 that allow you to attack without breaking this special invisibility.

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  5. Few suggestions on the rogue abilities tree, feel free to leave you're own ideas. I really dislike the fact that the rogue get something like 7-8 differents attacks skills. It feel really too similar, and the cost of some abilities feel off too.


    Keep the passives. Don't touch at : Escape, crippling strike, blind strike, finishing blow & smokeveil and their upgrades.


    Remove ring the bell & withering strike.


    Shadowing beyond : replace invisibility by swift inspiration, 2 guiles cost. Next upgrade add the invisibility for 3 guiles

    Shadow step : 2 guiles the first upgrade.


    Smoke cloud : detach from smoke veil, cost 1 guile. Both upgrades can be taken and give you new ability at 2 guiles (like they are). Or remove smoke cloud and just keep the two upgrades as separate abilities.


    Merge coordinated positioning & sap. When you switch position with an enemy you confuse him. Increase range and 2 guiles cost? Upgrade same as perplexing sap.


    Gambit : increase cost to 6. Even if you double crit, the ability cost some guile and make spamming it unwanted (diminish return). High risk high reward. If you double critic you have a superbe attack for 2 guiles, if you miss/dont critic you lose 6 guiles.


    New buff abilities :

    Poison : cost 1-2 guiles. For x sec, all your weapon attacks add a DOT to the target (x raw or corrode dmg). Upgrade to more dmg or add weaken affliction (replace toxic strike and one handed ring the bell, work with all your attack abilities).


    Reckless assault : 1-2 guile cost. For x sec you have strong & + action speed, but a deflection malus & take more dmg (too easy to offset the deflection malus?). Upgrade : replace strong with tenacious (+ 2 pen).


    other possible abilities :

    Throw knife : low dmg med range attack with high chance to interrupt. Upgrade with a dot or an affliction.


    Fan of knifes : work like wizard ghost blades. DMG + hobbled. upgrades to a 240 or 360 attack, or add a bleeding like arterial strike.

  6. I can't talk for the Paladin, but in this game I find selfbuff superior to support buff, because most of the time the selfbuffs are instant cast/recovery. A barbarian can have strong, robust (make pain block 'useless'), swift... A fighter have lot of defensives abilities... The classes that need the most the buffing are classes that lack selfbuff, like the cipher himself (he has 2 good debuff/buff, but no inspiration selfbuff outside wildleech who is too... wild/random), rogue, ranger... if you multiclass them you loose the ability to support them.


    It's hardly a problem of balance comapred to other selfbuff and aoe buff that feel superior overall, but that would give more freedom.


    I've checked the paladin, you have the exact same problem. It's inspirations. Solo or multiclass with another class that don't have these inspirations and you loose the ability to buff you. Compared to chanter inspirations that are AOE & Selfbuff, I don't understand why you can't use on yourself too.

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    Ciphers thing is manipulating people souls. Manipulating your soul seems... irresponsible.


    I agree. Making your own character remember terrible things sounds like a great debuff.



    Valorous Echoes :

    The cipher bring echos of an ally's past lives to the surface, inspiring the ally who greater feats of heroism.


    Pain Block :

    Provides an ally with a mental block on their pain


    Nothing terrible about these spells. Someone capable to control mind sould be able to exerce same level of control on themself. It could be a early passive that unlock it, why not. I don't think that would break the balance. The problem is when you multiclass you loose the ability to buff the other class. the point pf MC isn't to be versatil and combine two roles together?


    Another way, just rework wild leech to not be random, or add a similar ability(ies) that mimick valorous echoes/pain block as debuff/self buff.

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  8. In Deadfire inspirations don't stack and most classes have access to self buff inspirations. Priests & chanters can even AOE self buff. But the 2 buffs spells Cipher get (inspirations) are single target and ally only. Valorous Echoes and Pain block could serve the cipher the most. Or Wild Leech need to be less random.


    Attack spells that target allies are fine, but the restriction on the buff spells make no sens. Description wise nothing block the cipher to apply them on himself. Balance wise, with all the buff most classes have access that don't seems to be a problem to allow cipher to self buff and that would boost the class.

    And you have the recovery. In one cipher cast, the wizard can full buff himself and be ready to cast an offensive spell. I don't see how allowing cipher to buff himself would unbalance the game. That would give more options for multiclassing too. MC is here for versatility, but if you mc some classes you loose that capacity to buff them with the ciper. Rogue & ranger + cipher, or druid + cipher.


    Just a little change to make the class more interesting to play.

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  9. you're right lonelornfr, rogue make a great multiclass class, because everything you're describing is unlocked at PL 1-3. Just escape + crippling strike + veil is self sufficient, and rogue have good passives. But between this and PL 8... The gameplay doesn't become more interesting as you advance in level, it's stay the same thing until the end.


    I find that lot of classes have poor PL 6-7. Cipher? All good spells are PL 8-9, PL 7 feel very bad. Lot of classes have the OP jocker at PL 8-9 that make other abilities 'useless' in most fight.


    One thing I hate about cipher and that make no sense in Deadfire : Cipher can't self buff. With valorous echo it's an issu, since the only inspiration the Cipher can get is random and at later PL (outside of the other 2 debuff/buff that come later). In Deadfire inspiration don't stack, but most other classes can self buff (barbarian, monk, fighter, wizard, priest etc...), so on who do you use this ability??? Like someone said in another thread, the best cipher combo is 2 ciphers that buff each other.

    Another issu like the rogue : all spells feel very similars and as you progress you just unlock more powerfull versions. Weapon summon? only at pl 8 and on someone else. No creature summon (some shadow/nightmare could make sense, or a patronus like creature, a manifestation of cipher mind). Selfbuff? limited.

  10. the problem is some people want 'effective' classes, other interesting/fun to play. An effective class can be boring to play and a fun one not optimal.


    Sure a rogue can be powerfull, but the ability tree is really weak. What the point to have 5 attack abilities (7as single) with a prohibitive cost compared to other classes? Impossible to find some interesting abilities that fit the rogue? Why a cost 2 for a simple smoke cloud with 1 infliction? Same cost as an upgraded one, so upgrade isn't an option but is mandatory. But why have to buy smoke veil before since the 2 are different skills?

    So yeah, rogue do lot of dmg, gambit is OP, but between cripple strike/escape and gambit, you have lot of options both unfun and non optimal.

  11. Yes, an arterial strike DoT will break stealth. I dont think it is a bug. I think it is intended to force you to pick between DoT damage vs burst damage. I could be wrong, but looking at rogue it seems like they are trying to allow for two very distinct play styles.


    if it's not a bug it's really weird. That make lot of skills/upgrades incompatibles since lot of rogues abilities are about invisibility & DOT. I hate how most dev/games screw the rogue. You're already 'taxed' with skills, because for a traditionnal rogues you need stealth, sleight hands, mechanics, and alchemy (poisons) & explosives fit the theme too. They could have keep sleight of H and Stealth in one skill, same for mechanic/explosives. DOS 2 done the exact same thing, forcing the rogue to take multiple skills.


    You're not forced to upgrade evasive roll, always good alone, but upgraded random dps is always good just for 1 pt.

  12. well, monk have far better self buff than wizard. At level 1 a quick + action speed buff that can be upgraded with lightning lash or chance to another attack on critic. + Might & penetration buff, another fire lash upgrade or CON + Armor. And lot of the buff can be recast without limit (only quick buff is on mortification).

    I don't understand why the wizard level 3 speed buff don't get some action speed since it drain your life!


    I haven't progressed much in the game because of the bugs, but I think if you need some spells, isn't just better to stock the potions/scrolls to give some multiclassing favor to your build? Your quick slots work like class free abilities.


    I like to play hybrid builds, but I think they should have developped the subclasses or introdruce hybrid classes. The actual multiclassing is more about 'abusing' / min-maxing class features.

  13. All of this is assuming that the tooltips, where available, are accurate.


    but lot of tooltips aren't accurate. Tested fungus poison with a level 20 char, the tooltip still say 9 raw dmg / tick, but when using it vs a dummy it's actually 34/tick. Don't know if the scaling come from alchemy, level or both. Lot of dot tooltip don't reflect the reality (and some show dmg per tick, other total dmg...).

  14. Agreed, I would never ever pick Heal/Revive pet, I'd rather rely on party support or item/scroll use for that instead of sacrificing the (already somewhat subpar) damage potential of the class. I also agree that there are too many passives for the pets, I would like to see some of them consolidated or simply rolled into the pet scaling. I feel like the heal pet ability should be part of the base Ranger kit, while leaving Revive an optional ability with opportunity cost.



    too much passives/actives for the pets. A stance/modal could have removed most of pet passives and consolided them in a 2 way modal (like monk) or a stance like fighter (with upgrade for each option), allowing you to switch from an offensive pet to defensive one (and perhaps a stance where the pet buff you when standing near you).


    if you remove all active pets skills (that revolve too much around keeping it alive), the ranger don't have many options. A call to multiclass it to unlock more actives skills (and make the pet even less interesting).

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  15. got same problem once. I was able to cancel it by using a spell I think, or a spell-like ability. But when you try to use weapon attack skills it don't work.


    edit: it happened while I was playing with builds and dummies, I think I used the scordeo's trophy too. I know the reload of dual pistol is bugged right now, you have a cap (you can notice it with the trophy gun because even with -50% recovery time the reload animation speed don't change). Perhaps there is a problem with calculation of reload time with guns, if you lower it too much it get stuck?

  16. Think the issue with gambit is 1) it comes too late in the game 2) it encourages you to not use your other abilities to ensure you get your refunds. 3) still seems weaker then monk.



    past tier 1 most ability don't worth it, but when you reach t8 feel like the game say you don't use anything else. Give me the feeling devs never played rogues in their playthrough or only as a solo assassin. The class didn't get the same attention than some of other classes, mechanics & balance wise.

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