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  1. Azzurro is ridiculously rare. In my playthrough that took ~52h and 9 months in game I only got 2 items off him and it took him over 40h of playtime to appear for the first time. I even rushed straight to get the stronghold before doing anything in Gilded Vale. I wouldn't recommend doing a build based on items from him.
  2. Backstab + Shadowing Beyond is 2 talents so you can get 2 double damage auto attacks per rest. No bueno for me.
  3. From what i've tried I don't think barbarians problem is being efficient. It's more of a thematic thing for me. Barbarians work more like Dreadknight type of deal where they slowly whittle down enemies and cause afflictions with carnage. There's really no carnage in carnage. Only slow death or disables.
  4. Well I didn't make up the rules mate. I'm just giving reasons why maybe Soulbound weapons are universal.
  5. Yes they do get access to 6 soulbound weapons. Problem is that only 2 of them have a deity favored weapon talent for them. Berath gets mace for Nightshroud and Magran gets sword for Steadfast. 4 others a dagger, a scepter, a estoc and a warhammer can be bound to priest, but you would not be able to get the +10 accuracy talent for them. So without universal soulbound weapons priests would lose out on 4/6 soulbound weapons.
  6. There is the Priest deity specific weapon profiency talent that gives +10 accuracy. These are based on the deity you choose at the start and cannot be respeced. So priests following Eothas for example would get Hope Eternal that gives +10 accuracy with Flails and Morning Stars. Except there aren't any Soulbound Flails or Morning Stars in the game. Without universal Soulbound weapons priests would be super limited in soulbound weapons because they would be limited to 2 weapon types and the class requirement for the soulbound weapon itself.
  7. Also helps priests who would lose 10 accuracy from the deity weapon talent if soulbound weapons weren't universal and you would not be able to just respec for that either like for the weapon profiency.
  8. Soulbound weapons are universal. They get the accuracy as long as you have one of the profiencies. There are some bugs right now that can make this confusing, for example Steadfast doesn't get accuracy bonus from anything except Knight, but this is going to be fixed in the next patch I think.
  9. How come no ones hating on Shadowstep more? I hate this ability. It's so weak there's almost no point to it. Coordinated Positioning is a better ability than this piece of turd. Shadow Step needs to do more than just teleport you a short distance and back. The fact that you can't control or even see when you return back is terribadawful. I see almost no use for this ability. You can't run from enemies with it, you can't get to the backline with it. Well you technically can for like 8s. Worse of all it doesn't help you survive the trip. So you jumped on the enemy backline? So what? You're still a megasquishy rogue who's going to be targeted now that you kindly teleported into range of everyone. Bypassing the frontline with a rogue can be suicide because it's pretty hard to get to the backline without getting in the range of the backline. I would rate this ability 1/10. 1 because it has a cool name.
  10. Silver Flash. was kinda interesting. Divine Mark proc is it 15% chance for every hit? So 6 chances per shot? I tried it with Rangers Powder Burn and the aoe can proc it, but there's a limit to it. You can only get 1 proc per shot. So no real aoe Divine Marking.
  11. Is there a lore related reason why there are no soulbound firearms? Feels like firearms got kind of ignored in the expansions. Sure there are a few new ones but are any of them really interesting or good?
  12. The fact that he doesn't show this build in action makes me wonder. How do you use all the engagement he has? This build is going to have what? 5? engagement 1 base + 2 Defender +1 weapon +1 Hold The Line. Can you engage 5 targets at a time? I thought the engagement radius is pretty small so even 3 enemies, one in front of you and 2 to the sides would let enemies just walk past you without ever getting in to engagement range. Do reach weapons have larger engagement radius? That could be better for this build.
  13. Wow some of the stuff from White March is pretty dope. I mean boots with +4 Dex and +3 Lore. Pretty nice stuff.
  14. It's a build there's no right or wrong. I think Wound Binding is a really bad talent. It's not needed. Ever. Even on the highest difficulty you can rest when your health goes low without running out of camping supplies and most of the time you're going to rest for spells before health most likely.
  15. He's using Wound Binding. Also Guardian Stance is pretty useless if you don't like to fight roman turtle style. 2 meters is a really small AoE. And he doesn't show how it works in action... oh god that smiley sums up my thoughts when watching the video. "oh pretty cute idea for a build and the- wait what Wound Binding?!?!?"
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