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  1. In this case, if just some NPCs did not align with their fractions, I would just assume that someone with different understanding of the fraction goals wrote this piece. If the same characters were not consistent throughout the plot, then it's another thing. Was that what you meant? Do you have a particular example in mind? I have little to contribute to the Good vs Evil debate. I just know what classical DnD have to offer on alignments. But that system is the child of the society at the time of its creation. So it cannot be trusted. Neither can be trusted what a white middle-class
  2. That's the reflection of our world: sometimes the actions you take seem moral to you, but the person who witnesses them thinks otherwise. Doesn't that happen to you in reality? And sometimes you can even accept, that these actions can be in fact interpreted in two or more ways. Moreover, I would regard the creators of the game not as a single being that corresponds to your actions and judges if you are bad or good in general, but as a collection of different opinions on your different actions. You cannot follow your moral standards, bobthe, and be seen as good by all the members of the societ
  3. Edit: Dyrford disposition gain (or loss) also indicates how well liked the lord was. Well, I am not sure if to count Skaen folk diaries for a good source of information. They seem like a nasty group of people and the Skaen highest priests could be using the average folk to reach their own goals (happens a lot in my experience). The villagers didn't seem an exclusively nice bunch of folk either, so the reputation with them is of small guidance to my character. They were like "hey we are not telling you anything (also not telling there is a huge foul Skaen dungeon underground), you are an outsi
  4. I ended the quest by letting the girl go with clear memory to the temple and let the Lord go and I didn't take any money from him. I still wasn't sure that the Lord did something really horrible. It used to be common in Medieval times or in some cultures to have children from other relatives than just your wife. So I just didn't feel I had enough power to judge those people. I am an outsider in this culture. Those Skaen guys speaking of him didn't make me believe them either. I was like: "look who's talking! You have blood all over your tunics and floors". And I found no other proof of the Lo
  5. I've had a lot of pondering to do over this quest. In general, gods of this pantheon came out as attention-seeking selfish beings. I liked the fact that they weren't one-dimensional anymore (see Latander/Imlater/Auril/Umberlee etc.), seems like the right thing for the plot. But it also makes them a lot like mere empowered humans. When I came into the "temple" to ask for their advice, I thought I'd try and pray to Eothas, he seemed like the least attention seeking god and had sense (I still don't get if Waidwen was his idea or not). Silly me, Eothas doesn't answer to prayers anymore. I bet
  6. Ok, here are my two cents: 1) the description of Fulvano's Amulet contains the description of Fulvano's Boots. (when you right click on the item) 2) in the Encyclopedia of beasts the description of Andragan contains the description of Delemgan (copypasted) I understand that this is almost the same beast, but there should at least be a name change for the Andragan entry... 3) the Enchant button in the item description (as someone already mentioned) remained untranslated. 4) And the overall quality of the battle mechanics translation (e.g. "Radius") is misleading. Overall opinion:
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