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  1. So who forces you to become a hybrid when you clearly don't want to become a hybrid? If the option is there, it is still merely an option. If you don't want to (say, use magic in Dark Souls and invest in Attunement), then don't. Surely you have the self-control to play as you want instead of actively going against your character concept!
  2. God, yes! It'd be an absolute nightmare for the programming department though. So here are my other desired projects: - A horror- and investigation-heavy Call of Cthulhu CRPG with absurdly brutal combat and a deep (in)sanity system, set in the roaring twenties. Maybe even Delta Green, set in the '90s or present day. - Warhammer Fantasy or 40k CRPGs. Green Ronin and Fantasy Flight already set the groundwork beautifully. - A non-starwarsey, non-cyberpunk modern sci-fi CRPG. Hard sci-fi-ish trans- and posthumanism lie ripe with opportunity yet criminally unexplored in videogames. - World of Darkness. The new WoD, mind you: Requiem, Forsaken etc.
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