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  1. Thanks very much. I have tried to get from this spot for a long time. Although I missed the faces Atton and Kreia made in the cutscene ( They were not in the cages so cutscene just showed conversation and cages ) I was able to move further into the game. So many thanks.
  2. Its funny cause my mom introduced my sister to elder scrolls II: daggerfall when we were younger and the only games she will play are elder scrolls and I didnt even know about oblivion until she showed me the previews the other day and it looked pretty good.
  3. I have had this problem for months. I tried to do this also and it did not work and neither did the file I got to put in my override folder. I am lost and this game stopping glitch makes me not even want to play the game because it is so glitch ridden.
  4. The noob cannon is indeed the autoshotgun. The awp believe it or not does take some skill to use although I dont use it because I really suck with it. I would prefer to use the autosniper but it seems to get people really ticked off so I dont use it. I prefer to go with the m4 or an ak with a deagle as my backup ( or in some cases my primary weapon for close range brutality ). I hate when I get flashed and naded so I dont even use them so it makes me a worse player I guess because you can get a lot more kills from flashing and rushing into a group of people who are blind and firing wildly and running around. I also dont use the grenades unless the server has a grenade script that sends players flying and sometimes falling to their death. I am a CSS addict although I gave it up last weekend when my mom passed away. I was also going to stop getting on these forums but I decided that quitting the games was enough so here I am.
  5. I was wondering how many people on the forums play Counterstrike and if so what are some of the highlights of your experiences with the games. Also if anyone might want to game together then you may post here.
  6. 24 hours is nothing compared to my 41 hours of no sleep this past weekend when my mother passed away. I used to play Counterstrike: Source before the incident. Its a very fun and addictive game. I never played 1.5 or 1.6 but I know a lot of people who said the older versions were better. If anyone has CSS and wants to play a little just send me a personal message and I might pick it back up sometime and play.
  7. Hey I was wondering whats the longest streak anyone has had on pure pazaak. I find the computer very easy and I am currently 44-0. If anyone needs proof just let me know and I will get my digital camera out and take pics. I might be defeated by then though but will still have awesome stats. In case anyone was wondering I updated the wins after so many matches.
  8. My mom passed away last night and I decided to quit gaming because believe it or not, my mom inspired me to start in the first place. Im only 15 years old and I have school coming up in the next few weeks and I think it is best if someone takes my place in Diplomacy. Sorry for the setbacks but this event totally stopped my desire to game. This combined with my limited knowledge of Diplomacy makes a substitute the only choice I have left. I also wont be on any forums so dont expect me to be on anytime soon.
  9. Yes I also wanted to hold but forgot to tell you before the deadline lol. I was here this week but I wont be here for the next 2 but I will still post my moves I just forgot to post my holds this round.
  10. If server is full just click and keep pressing enter and u will be in in less than a minute.
  11. princess maker? HAHAHAHAHAHA actually yeah I have that game so ill shut up now. But actually its pretty cool.
  12. Wow this game was actually pretty hard I thought when I saw people flipping off walla and stuff. But I played for an hour and got to level 8 (considering I went 30-14 and 30-11 and got 1st place in both) Its still not an easy game but I play many online shooting games and know how to aim so my gunner kung fu guy was mowing down and slicing. BTW my in game name is Xfactorus. So if u ever want to play just im me. I have msn, yahoo, and aim so reaching me is very easy.
  13. What is it with you and Romania? I know they have hot women with wierd accents but still....I hope you actually get it just so we can swipe Romania or Rumania off the board!
  14. Haha people already talking of eliminating players....Im not saying anything cause I dont know how good or bad I do but if everyone wants to eliminate Reveilled then maybe I will side with him and it wil be Noob Ownage!!! [both of us noobs]
  15. Yeah I have tekken tag, virtua fighters, and Dead or Alive 3 and DoA has women with chests hanging out across the ring so you cant tell me they guys who made it arent perverted.
  16. I live in America too. The OC is Orange County, California duh.
  17. Sorry but Adam Brody looks more like him with that picture of Atton but the other pics might look more like my old favorite boston republic teacher.....yes the one who had a gun in the classroom....Nick Katts.
  18. Time to put this one away! I am a teen and I watch the OC so I know that Atton looks like Adam Brody.
  19. I just got back from vacation and read these posts. I think that some people are forgetting the time it takes to fire a weapon. The 4.6 secs is irrelevant because you also have to take time to aim because this was in fact a moving target. Although the car wasnt moving very fast it was moving so he would have to load aim and fire. He could aim while loading but that might add time to his loading or he could look at the bullet and load but that would lengthen the time to aim. :D
  20. Well I thought this poll might be pretty interesting. (My 3rd poll in less than 24 hours I should be the poll master) :cool:
  21. Yep I have chrono trigger and chrono cross. Good games. Never even heard of Nights: Into Dreams though should check it out.
  22. Yes the FF card games were great. I love pazaak. All you have to do is save after every win and reload if you lose so you dont lose any money and if you are playing for a lot of credits you can have an easy flow of cash needed for items. What version of pazaak by dufflover????
  23. Fortunately I had Daggerfall and played it for years with an endless amount of fun and still know where it is. Unfortunately I loaned it to my older brother a few years back and he still has it in his possession. Definately a game you could always pop in and play whenever you feel like killing guards or creatures, or maybe steal some items and sell them to other merchants . (Yeah we all know we love to kill those guards). As for downloading the game, get a filesharing program such as limewire and you might get in it a few hours or a few days. Very rare so if you do get it be sure to share it with other people as well . You may need to use a disc and copy the files onto the disc but trust me Daggerfall is well worth the cost of a cd.
  24. I dont know what everyone else thinks but I do believe there was a conspiracy to kill JFK but I dont think anyone wants to admit it.
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