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  1. Yeah actually I havent been here long actually just 1 day because I started on these forums to post about KOTOR 2 glitches I am having. SO I dont yet know all the characters there are in Sith Lords so thats why they are not added. Anyway I didnt know so many people like Carth but ok whatever hes still one whiney guy.
  2. Forgive me if anyone disagrees, but Counterstrike: Source is one of the funnest online games I have ever played. The best games I have ever played are KOTOR I and II and The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall. Not morrowind, not arena, Daggerfall.
  3. Got to have a different character for male/female gameplay. We should start with different people aiding us depending on the gender we play for romances and such. I hate when I start off with Carth or another whining character instead of a person who just goes out there and kicks some major ass. I want someone that will do more action than talking. Also it would be cool if we started off with a Jedi strong in the force. (one who doesnt get there hand lobbed off an hour into the game).
  4. I didnt put the insane killing droid because they get on my nerves. Also since your character is Revan I didnt count that because revan would definately win because it is the character you created. Lastly I dont hate people who vote for Carth but he was a very annoying character in the game for me at least and he wont get my vote.
  5. Well commissar I think some of your stuff has a lot of truth in it and it looks like you have done your research. I have read some interesting post on here today and I have a true story better than any you will ever find. This involves me and my family so I will not relase my name or anything. I am leaving for a 2-3 week vacation so I wont be able to answer any questions until then. Anyway here is my story. My mexican side of the family have had their share of ghost stories and creepy events but since I was not there to view them I will not tell them now. What I am going to tell is all true and it is because I have seen and heard it myself. When I was 7 years old, me and my younger brother lived in an apartment with my dad and my stepmom in Miami, Florida. We had never really experienced anything unordinary in the apartment until one very odd week. My brother was laying on the top of our bunk bed while I was on bottom one night and he woke me from his screaming. He told me he wanted me to sleep with him because he was scared of these things he kept seeing on the ceiling. I didnt believe him of course but slept beside him anyway. Not long after I dozed off he woke me again. This time he told me to look up. When I looked up I saw several white faces staring down and us. Of course being ages 6 and 7 we were very scared and ran to our dads bedroom and spent the night with him. He didnt listen to what we said at first so all we could do is sleep in the livingroom a few days until my dad made us sleep in our room again. The night we went back in the room I had the wierdest dream. The dream started with a man running through one of those large parking garages they have at casinos but this one was empty. I knew this because my dad has worked at casinos for nearly a decade now. Well anyway the man was running through the parking garage and looking around and then all of the sudden he turns around and screams. The dream went on about the Devil chasing people and eventually killing them. Finally in my dream the Devil started chasing me. He finally found me and we fought and somehow I defeated him. After this I woke up very quickly and laid in my bed breathing heavily and lookinf at the bottom of my little brothers top bunk. Finally after I cooled down a bit I looked to the right and saw the most horrifying thing I have ever seen in my life. The Devil stood in the corner of my room steadily laughing and pointing at me. I was so scared I again left the room and ran to my dads room as I usually did when I had nightmares. We moved out of the house not long afterwards and moved out of the state. A few years later my older brother who stayed with my mom ( parents divorced ) had some peculiar things happen to him. One day we were discussing ghost. My older brother didnt believe in them and said they didnt exist while everyone else said they believed in them. That night my brother was on his bed and the ceiling fan fell on his bed just inches from his legs. He made an excuse saying that maybe the ceiling fan was old and fell down. So he continued on for a few days denying that ghosts exist and one night his phone that was lying in the very center of a circular table fell off without the table moving in the middle of the night. He still made excuses about it but I dont think that these events are just coincidences. Anyway a few weeks ago I was talking to my mom while she was drunk and she slipped up about a dream that had run in our family. She said that my great grandmother, my grandmother, her, and my older sister had all have dreams about the Devil killing people like mine was about. But in all of their dreams they said they hid from him and woke up before he found them. I also found out that I was the only male in my family to have that dream, and also the only person who slept through the whole dream. Since my dream nobody else in my family have had that dream and I have 4 brothers and 4 sisters. Call these coincidental or pure BS if you want but I know what I saw and you cant change my mind.
  6. Bored. Im not sure who everyone likes but I do know one that I dont think will do well. (Carth Onassi)
  7. Actually romancing your characters is much fun. I know I messed with Bastila on KOTOR and made sure I talked to her about every different option I could. It adds a lot of fun to the game but if she was a twilek or something else I dont think I would have. Just not interested in tentacle headed women and such to flirt with even if its just in a game.
  8. NFL=Green Bay Packers NBA=San Antonio Spurs (born there) NCAA=Texas Longhorns
  9. Just wondering because I hate to see Yoda lose a battle or fight.
  10. I have had a few glitches in the game so far with several hours of gameplay. Most are fixable and dont bother me much but one stops me from advancing in the game so it bothers me very much. In the hidden base Atton and Kreia are standing at the entrance instead of being in their cells. Kreia says nothing when you click on her and Atton has two cheat node options. One says skip to pc confrontation with Atris and other says Skip to conversation with Kreia. The Kreia option does nothing and the other goes back to the Atris conversation that I have already done several times. The droid says regular options and I cant free him from the forcefield. Bao-Dur is laying on the floor of his cage and I can free him either. Of course I also cant leave aboard the Ebon hawk because it says I need my party with me and the party selection screen will not allow me to add party members. Please help me with this problem so I can finish the game. P.s. this is PC version so any patches could work. Edit: I already tried that link and downloaded it but it didnt work in override folder.
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