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  1. nothing new here on the preferances: rpg, pc, 50$-100$ for the package, 2 big expansions wins vs dlc, gameplay over graphics etc.... the mistery is why people / studios forget this: beamdog's baldur's 2 redone will sell more thant tiranny BECAUSE IT'S MORE GAME THERE. by the way witcher 3 dlc is fine - in a game with 50 sets of armour a new for free is cool, in ubi games having 10 pieces, with 50 sold as dlc is not, it's called cut content torment's failure was not about the too much text - fargo complains, it was the lack of game, zeit's bloom wasn't enough...and they also abandoned r
  2. i would go further, even the bug fest of older elder scrolls daggerfall was better, it featured all the lands and a dozen temples, way more items, a story that came to you - as you were atacked as a means of summoning, way more clothing - magical underware anyone.... and not to mention the drm - morrowind came with serials and no drm on goty the rest are steam, even the colection morrwing. i would love to see your take on mass effect and dragon age.
  3. i mean witcher level adult , aside from gog remasters, the witcher series are the only games i bought twice when it came out and 2.0 , though i'm contemplating w2 enhanced to spare me the download extension....
  4. oops , i started another topic like this... here is my penny : how about the canceled aliens rpg? or alpha protocol two. but more with a witcher adult vibe , don't be shy i'd be happy to see both isometrics and 3d from you guys.
  5. any chance for your next kickstarter to be the canceled aliens rpg? seeing as inexile and obsidian cooperated so well, i was thinking maybe you could join their model of marketing your next project
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