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  1. This may have been brought up before, but... When you go into first person view (Xbox KOTOR II version), you have limited camera movement. I would like to have full control over the camera in KOTOR III. Full sphere 360. There are a lot of cool details in the game that I want to appreciate up close. As it is now, I have to move my character around to just the right spot, to be able to view what I want. It's a minor complaint, but it would also seem to be a minor task to fix it.
  2. Thanks for the info Silver. Sometimes people are so wrapped up in their own little world, they forget that everyone else may do things differently. I always find it interesting and cool to learn about other people's trips.
  3. I had no idea it worked like that in Canada. Is that some sort of patriotism effort enacted by your broadcasting governing body (the FCC in the States) to support your Canadian artists?
  4. Funk: The Dazz Band Parliament Funkadelic Zapp & Roger Hip-Hop: Eminem Luda Snoop 50 Rock: Dave Mathews Band...(hands down) Southern Rock: Doobie Brothers Pop: Hall & Oates Smooth Jazz: Sade
  5. Correct. I believe that people would agree that the general consensus in being a "good person" is to be kind to your fellow man or woman. That opinion has nothing to do with your leadership skills, or lack there of. I'm not following you Meta. Were you meaning to offer both sides of the coin?
  6. Not sure if that was directed towards me, but... I don't know anybody who doesn't agree that there are some people that are evil and twisted in this world. But being an evil tyrant and a kind person at the same time??? Bah! Don't see it...well unless perhaps they suffered from multiple personalities. The crazy factor always throws a wrench in logic.
  7. That kind sir, seems to be a contradiction in personality types. I just can't see someone being both. By definition, yes. edit: I do like how you raised your points though, at what cost indeed. Haha...Brain jerky does a body good. :D
  8. Hmm.... it depends on your point of view Meta. To me, sometimes the law itself is "evil" (in real life, mind you). So the laws in a video game are more of an advisory--a guideline if you will. Overall meant to be for the good of people, but like anything else, it needs to be considered before one blindly accepts it. Helping people ease their suffering and righting the wrongs of tyrants in power is my M.O. I would view my character, in your words, as chaotic good.
  9. Morrowind Game of the Year Edition. I liked the discovery aspect of it, you never knew what was just over the hill, or around the way. Could be a shrine to some god, some drunken wacked-out cult, or a tomb possibly filled with worldly riches.
  10. A Vigilante, that rights the wrongs in a world that needs it. Intelligence, strength, magic...in that order. I get more out of games when I am able to influence people to do my bidding rather than simply kill them. Weapon of choice: A fine sword of some sort.
  11. Stainless S/W .357 Magnum--with hollow points, is my favorite. It will more than do the job of personal/home defense. ...and as a bonus you can shoot 38's in it at the range to save some cash.
  12. Yo Silver! You have some real talent there! I really enjoyed your stories, especially ch. 9! I can't wait until your next one. Keep up the great work, you're a natural! ...and to Darkside, thanks for the tip. I'm new to this scene. Fanfic and Fanart were unknown to me before. Appreicate it!
  13. Thanks guys, I figured as much. (comics not books) I have not been to a comic book store in years, but maybe I'll have to drop by one now.
  14. I was wondering if there were any novels with any of the characters from KOTOR I or II in them? I'd like to learn more about them. Thanks.
  15. Almost forgot about that flick :D... but, yes that one too. Heck, just about any sci-fi movie you may find a name you like in it. I find that I feel better about the name if I alter it slightly to suit my taste.
  16. I agree Meta, may I call you that? I too would hope it would not have to become one or the other. Though usually in a game's creation, trade-offs do sometimes occur. All I meant is that I would gladly trade some freedom for a more indepth storyline. I hope the next KOTOR is not rushed, which would allow Obsidian time, to give us both. Wide ranges of choices and an epic story. Bliss (w00t)
  17. Hehe I know all too well what you mean Cheesemonger. It is the hardest part for me too...and one of the most important. Do you remember the movie "The Last Starfighter"? You can get some cool names from that flick. I did. Jedi Ryluss Sin-tari O-mari Flaxx Vio Plast Sith Lord Kra-tarous Lord Kraytarious Lord Hadious (Hay-de-us) Some names from previous games. Dash Rendar - male Han Solo'ish - Shadows of the Empire - N64 Mara Jade - female jedi neither ls or ds - fighting game forgot the name - PS1
  18. Eddo36 has made a good point. If I have to chose between a more compelling story line, or more choices at my character's creation, hands down I'd prefer a more engaging story. I love the KOTOR series because of the story lines. They are rich and involving, and I would not want to see them diminished in any form or fashion. (obmission) I actually felt bad for people when I played it on the darkside. I feel that for a game to have that strong of an impact on it's players, is a true mark of a masterpiece, and that fact reflects on the creative geniuses who made it. Keep the story rich indeed, and sell copies you will.
  19. Gallen was a last name option in KOTOR II. It took me about 20 min. to come up with Race. I liked how they flowed together, and I thought it fit in the Star Wars universe nicely. The avatar is the best I could find online. Reminds me of the character I play in KOTOR II. I plan on creating my own soon. My sig is just something the wife and I made together with PSP 8, and I thought it looked cool. She is known as VioletSkylight to those in the PSP world, and has been schooling me on that program.
  20. ^^^ What Darth T said ^^^ I'd also like to be able to control the more of our character's appearance. More specifically the character's eye color, different hair styles on the same face, tattoos, battle scars, etc... Maybe even add the option of electronic gizmos...a la Darth Malak. A bionic arm to crush people would be loads of fun if you were following the dark path. You could even program special attack anaimations for people that chose that option.
  21. When there is competition, we the consumer, usually win in the long run. That being said, I have had a lot more fun with my Xbox than any other system. Heck the only serious game time on the PS2 was the GTA series...and even those were better on the box, just took them forever to land on it. I'm one of those people who beat Morrowind GOTY, and you can't spend that much time on something and not start to fall in love. So if KOTOR III could only be on one system, I would hope Obsidian would stick to their roots and develop it for the 360.
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