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  1. Nice read, I don't think anyone was too surprised though. Great to have some clear facts, though you have to look a bit critical on his atricle too. Haha, that link was great R-P. :D
  2. I really hope what you're saying is true. But many japanese games at least, are already very story based. Is that a fact that women in general are more interested in stories in game, than men? It sure doesn't sound unbelievable, but I always thought of it as prejudice.
  3. Yeah, of course they can be found in every genre, just are less common imo. Second that with the porche.
  4. Agree with you a 100%. It's fun as you say, with extremes once in a while. But there's something in between that what I'm looking for. Though we are probably always going to demand more and more everytime we get what we want.
  5. I would just like to add at first, that I don't only isolate myself with CRPGs. If that would be the case, I would probably be playing 2 weeks per year maximum, because that's how often I'd get my hands on a decent CRPG. I have to agree with you on what you said about voice acting. It's been improving more and more. What I can't agree with you on is that for example Splinter Cell(Haven't played God of War) would have a well-developed story. Say if Splinter Cell would have been a movie instead? It would probably have ended up between some B action movies in my oppinion. No matter mostly w
  6. Do you have to float such asinine fanboy/anti-fanboyish statements? It degrades the forums. I would be surprised if this thread doesn't turn out idiotic because it was planted in such weak soil. Bleah. "Story" is such a nebulous concept I can't see how anyone could take the initial screed seriously. Are broad or sympathetic characters story? Is intricate plotting story? Is some kind of Joseph Cambell-ian allusion to elemental archetypes story? Is length story? Is scope story? Is relevance story? Is subtext story? I have no idea what you're talking about. <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  7. I'm intrigued by the notion that there could be a shifty reason for my not owning a 3d card. Any ideas? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Heh, well why won't you tell us? Tell me at least! :D
  8. Yeah, that may be true. But I guess it takes some practice to be able to implement the story in the game in a good way too. Which I certainly think both Bloodlines and Halflife 2 did nicely. Anyone else? I'm munching on some mushromms btw... I like my mushrooms lukewarm..
  9. I never expected you would.. as said in the "Story"-thread. Most gamers are ignorant, and blinded by graphics in games.. *hint hint* <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I can't be blinded by graphics in games. My PC doesn't have a 3D card, for reasons I won't go into. Ever. I just worry about how much time it would suck up. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Aahh, then I forgive you. I'm quite interested though in why you won't tell us about the 3D card.. must be something embarrassing.
  10. Only read about half of the first part yet, but it seems as if I completely agree with him so far on his thoughts about the industry. This is really some interesting reading! And well, yeah.. As you guys have already said. It could possible also be too much story, and too little gaming. I wouldn't worry about that yet though. Not when it's completely the other way around. Perhaps it would be a waking call for some people?
  11. Of course Shooters and other games can be good too. I never said that all shooters *****, and I also pointed out that many rpgs are horrible. I've had my happy share of good strategy games, and shooters, but that's not really what's interesting here. Though it is a FACT that Sam Fisher in splinter cell is just as annoying as Jack Bauer with his all-knowing attitude. I will scourge everyone though, that doesn't agree with me.. :cool: So IF you were playing a game, just for "a quick fix", it must be Monkey Ball or Tetris.
  12. I never expected you would.. as said in the "Story"-thread. Most gamers are ignorant, and blinded by graphics in games.. *hint hint*
  13. Aahh.. wise choice, wise choice indeed.. I did grow up on Leisure Suit Larry and I have to say, I turned out kinda alright.
  14. Meh! A good MUD is nothing of the kind(refering to those textbased games)! If you find a nice server, you should see that it's way.. way more roleplaying on them than any selling MMORPG. Talking from personal experience.. some of my best gaming moments are from MUDs
  15. As long as they could take an active role in ther gaming life, I'd be happy. Showing them what games are good and what games are not.. shooters.. - No no little Ryan, don't touch that. You can have this instead! Jade Empire, that's the ticket for young boys like you!
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