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  1. ya, click on the big blue puzzle area, the only option i have is leave. No items needed, just moving stones around i correctly did the puzzle, no options to do anything but leave, no cut scene. stuck thanks for the quick reply;)
  2. devil of croac, med armor, immune to dominate, can get that skill to teleport, high res. she was made to tank use her with palligina for best effect
  3. Hey, there, was considering putting a late pledge in, however i rarely can get people together to play, so buying games with single player is almost a must, i have heard this has a single player option, but unable to fid any details, any help?
  4. i got 50 renown and 55 security, get all kinds of gold, goodies and items from adventures, if an attack happens i go back, maybe do a level of the dungeon while im there. you get what you put in, as far as i can tell
  5. ok, thanks. guess ill just start a new char and wait for a patch
  6. I have the backing of the knights, and it says so in my journal, i went back to lady webb, and the only option i have is "i burned all bridges" is this a common bug?
  7. seriously, google Jeffrey Lieberman. He is a monster who actually medicates his patients to exasperate their symptoms, just so he can see what happens, then calles the investigative journalist who exposed him a "menace to society"
  8. i have this problem as well, all patched up. My journal says i have the support of the knights, but my convo with webb only gives me "burned bridges" option
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