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  1. Thank you To make the game more challenging, I try to rest as less as possible. (Beaten Icewind Dale 2 on hard with 2-3 rests in whole playthrough). In PoE, it is not works because many things, but I go rest only when all spells and health are gone Is it possible to speedup Kana chant? Which ones are useful? My party: Eder, Me (pike / sometimes ranged), Kana (melee), Durance, Aloth. Also, I'm choosing between Hiravias and Sagani. I think Hiravias is much more versatile and can do more damage. Sagani has free decoy Itamaak (very fragile, unfortunately).
  2. Hello! Started to play PoTD, and trying to assemble my party. Firstly, I have craeted a full custom party, but it's too easy. So I decide to take only the companions I can find in game. My char is pike rogue. Eder is my main tank. But I need the second. Any advise? Kana or Pallegina? (please sorry for bad English).
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