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  1. If you do all the side-quests, you max on LS or DS points well before the Star Forge. Heck, I did it by the end of the Leviathan I think. So a couple LS or DS points won't deter you from playing completely one-sided.

    OK.... should of done it then....

  2. just thought of a couple of cool things that would improve game play .



    1) it would be nice to give characters way points or specific places to be in battle . one thing that was frustrating was when i set up all three characters for a fight one would always do something stupid like run up to an enemy and get killed before i could stop them . the way points would be cool for when you have things to scout out in solo mode and your other people can still have something to do rather than stand around with their thumbs in their butts . it would add more independance to the npc's


    2) if you could put your hood up and be incognito . like if you have on a mask , you could talk to a character you have already spoken to and have different conversations . would be cool for avoiding fights if you have stuff you want to do first.

    3) Sniper rifles MUST be added. I love 'em.

  3. Spellmar says:


    Fractions are a mathematical representation of a quotient such as 1/2.


    Overall, I think this is a good idea. I enjoyed the Geohardan Bounty Hunter quest even though it was a bit straight-forward. I'd like to see more quests the involve multiple locations. The Geohardan quest also turned out to be a sham, but the idea of having these factions to join was nice if only as a brief illusion.

    Sorry I confused myself with the two words..... :lol:


    The Geohardan thingy was good but I Really wanted to be a LS character so i did'nt do the mssions.

  4. I doubt we'll see Morrowind size. But the latest interview and dev comments have me expected we might see slightly larger areas.


    Frankly, I think a Star Wars Morrowind Total Conversion would be great. However, it would probably only be one huge planet. Or you'd have to code/script "transportation" between planets.

    I think your right Morrowind was a little *too big.* The areas could be a little larger though.

  5. Maybe I'm wrong, but I got the impression that Mandalore was a man and a great leader, not a planet. The Mandalorians had the name because of their bad ass head honcho.


    And since Mandalore himself didn't die long before the events of KOTOR, I think he would be particularily stupid that the homeworld of the Mandalorians be named after a guy that's been around just for a handful of decades give or take.


    I mean, we have Christians, Marxists and bunch of other groups named as such. And last I checked, Jesus wasn't a planet or country. :)

    Madalore is a planet it is mentioned several times in the game.

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