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  1. It would be cool if you could choose your default clothing at the start of the game, skin color, lightsaber hilt, hair ect. ect........ and maybe new species available to the player.  :unsure:

    Sorry but the devs have already told us that your character does have to be a human male or female...as far as clothing goes...I think that might change depending on class as in the first game...but you don't start out with anything so you can't really customize much in terms of lightsabers, clothes, or items in the character creation screen. Im pretty sure as in the first game you start out with just a unitard type spandex thing on. :p

    How sad... :p

  2. I was'nt me that called him a God... All is said was I liked his music.  <_<

    Fair enought, but i was speaking in general.


    I have nothing against you if you enjoy his music. I enjoy most of it myself, and he is very good at what he does, but let's not over-state his achievements just because he wrote the music on one of your favored movies.


    As i said, he is a good film composer, propably one of the best alive today, but defenatly not a god...

    Agreed! B)

  3. Personally i though 20 was WAY too much in the original game. KOTOR should have been balanced to end around level 15 (Darth Vader is level 17), which would have been perfectly within reasonable limits without infringing the setting.


    It was bad enought to have Raven himself be as powerful as Yoda in the game, but the fact that each party member was just as poweful, well, that was asking a tad too much really, it completely broke the game immersion.


    I can't beleive you people would like to have 30 levels, let alone 50, bunch of lame power hungry munchkins...


    Whats wrong with being power hungry???? :D

  4. 50 levels would still be too much considering the game system isn't designed for it. I know some people might think it fun to destroy planets by farting towards them, but I don't want that kind of power.

    I agree. 50 is still to much. 30 would be good.

  5. Well the story is crap,the graphics are okay,the sound is good ..but the music is great(since it steals left and right from john williams..witch is okay since JW is a god),the comabat is tiresome and lacking any kind of finesse,the pathfinding is the trademarked Bioware :Stupid Objects In Motion (SOIM) so that sucks big time as well,and the AI is ridicules (i swear the ghost in the 80
  6. Obsidian Entertainment is now using a new codenaming format for it's internal projects.


    Project X has now been officially renamed to the Delaware Project or Project Delaware if you prefer.



    does this mean the next state in the list is the next project and therefore, KotOR 3?




    KOTOR 3????????

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