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  1. yeah the first post second equation was the one I used. it seems a tad bugged so just keep reloading and trying.
  2. slight spoiler if not going through the first time I guess.... I've been watching my friend play Kotor 2 with dark side and he can't STAND the fact that he can't get inflience with blind darkside killing. He was just as "upset" over pure lightside selfless acts all the time. I can't even seem to convice him that the wayt o Kreia's heart is to manipulate, to break people down with the force, to talk your way to an advatage in dark side and in light you talker your way tot he best advantage, make people work for what they deserve... ect... I've even talked to several other people that just don't seem to get this simple fact that Kreia is neither light nor dark. She's middle road. She doesn't do light or dark acts nor does she ocndone either side of the force! Am I like the only person who seems to have made this assumption or what!? This is a bit of a rant I guess but jees... how can the five people I know personaly playing this game not seem to get this simple fact of how to bend Kreia over and make her eat it!? Keria doesn't even really care if your sith or Jedi either! All she cares is that you have a somewhat agreeable mentality to her. She wants you to understand her and she wants to understand you... gah... end rant I guess... any opinions on this train of throught?
  3. Well I generaly max out rappid shot on Atton and Mira giving them duel blasters. in the first four "rounds" I tell them to rappid shot and it's just a spam fest of blaster shots. From there they usually, since I'm good at converting them, have lightsabers to back themselves up in melle. personaly I love "fireing for effect" with rapid shot. AS for power attack and flurry I perfer flurry. when you have a dex based fenese jedi gaurdian/watchman you can pretty much kill anything outright with that sneak attack and subsiquent blows. Power attack require a "recovery" before you start attacking again. Flurry sends in multiple blows at once. Those are just my opinions since I'm primaraly a dex based char with a 10 or 11 strength.
  4. heh my first play through I converted atton so quickly he was jedi when he fought the twin suns... force stun... flurry... force push... force stun... flurry... power attack... force push... yeah it was fun... second time through force kill's abounded :D
  5. talk to Boa-Dur... he should do be able to stick it together and then you put in your other crystals later on the workbench. Just keep talking to him till you get the "build lightsaber" option thing
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