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  1. I don't get it, everywhere else in KOTOR where you see someone caged and/or tortured they are fully clothed, heck even when Malak tortures bastila she is dressed fully. So why are Revan, Bastila and Carth in their undies when Saul has them? :-


    To elaborate a little more, he picks on Revan, his old boss, the most by first making him/her watch his/her love interest get hurt and then later he hurts Revan the most. This makes me think he has some sort of feelings about Revan that go beyond the normal leader-follower type thing. He must really hate revan and want to humiliate him/her, or he just likes looking at ppl in their underwear. :)


    Or I could be completely wrong; maybe the developers just wanted to show off the characters underwear, since otherwise you only really see revan's and that's at the very beggining. :p


    Oh, and before anyone says it, yes I know this is a stupid topic but I'm curious nonetheless. :thumbsup:

  2. Jedi, but only because the stories are usually biased towards LS and set the story up for it better, plus Dark Siders get really ugly :rolleyes:


    I'd like to see an alternate playthrough in SW RPGs where you get the choice to abandon your Jedi Master and join the Sith, travel with sithy crew, eventually kill off your sith master and intimidate your other 'companions', and work your way up the ranks until you become Sith Lord and live happily ever after... :D :rolleyes:

  3. I'd rather be a padawan, at first. :D


    I don't want some kid following my char around needing 'guidance' or rather, mothering. :rolleyes:


    I'd rather be the brat and pester the Master all the time threatening to go DS if they're not nice to my char, or just to upset them :devil::rolleyes:

  4. I used to win a few coloring competitions when I was a little kid, (w00t) oh and we had this bubble blowing competition once and won for 'Biggest Bubble' :D

  5. There is some variation already existing in the games. But more is always nice.


    I'm pretty certain that the different classes are different sizes. Since my Scout Revan(F) was the same size as Bastila but my Scoundrel Revan(F) was shorter. ;)


    I liked the way that female scoundrel revan was was smaller than everyone except Mission, T3 and Vandar. The ex-sith lord is so short and petite! (w00t) ;)

  6. star trek sucks.

    That is relevant to the topic how?


    Maybe Star Trek has badly written elements of homosexuality in it? ;)


    Since in older RPGs the option of playing as female would have probably been rather rare(at least a properly proportioned one without double breast implants), then it is only logical to allow the inclusion of other commonly excluded groups into games. -_-


    Perhaps it will take longer for Star Wars than others, but surely it is inevitable? Unless the conservatives take over again...which for some reason gives me a mental image of me and other women being chased indoors and handed a broom, by a mob of grey-haired cranky old men ;)

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