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  1. Interestingly enough, I am just now experiencing this... Something I wasn't experiencing without the patch. Hmm...


    The way I solve it is I do what others have suggested:


    I switch leaders and go a few steps and then switch back to my PC as he/she is running and it usually 'kicks in' and everything is okay.


    No one has joined my exile, she is still on her own so I can't switch leaders, she is it.


    I went back to some of my old games and now the exile will not walk at all. It seems to be the same problem Dr Skottie is having.


    There is nothing wrong with my keyboard, I checked and it still works with my other games. :)


    I can still pause and access inventory and use the game menu with the keyboard, but it is unresponsive to any directional keys, even when I change the controls. :blink:

  2. It would be rather restrictive for a new developer to make the next game.

    Instead of playing around with one other developers leftovers they would have to convincingly make use of 2. :blink:


    This would mean that they wouldn't have much room to make use of a lot of their own completely fresh ideas; but would have to draw off already existing ones. For example, there are already a whole lot of characters and a story to be concluded.


    I think conclusions can often be the most difficult aspect of a story. :)



    In my opinion, the best results would probably be gained by either Bioware or Obsidian finishing off their own work. But then again, new inspiration and a fresh perspective is also a good thing. :ermm:

  3. Cons (in my opinion)

    1.Graphics could have been better; they look really dated.


    2.Story could have been better polished; ergo more complete


    3.Romances weren't all that romantic in my opinion


    4.Ugly underwear; it was brown and looked like pjamas what more can I say :rolleyes:


    5.No one could decide on Revan's gender :blink:


    6.Even as a Sith you more often get refered to as a jedi


    7. Bosses too easy, not enough dramatic build up to them either


    Pros ( in my opinion)


    1.Still had most of the stuff that made the original so good


    2.Better story than most games out there


    3.More replayable than the first game


    4.Better robes


    5.Interesting characters


    6.planet quests were more varied and more exciting


    7.There were no villians that strip your character down to their underwear to torture them (Saul Karath is such a pervert) >_<



  4. I have the same problem, but my exile won't ever move. I'm still on Peragus so she is traveling by herself. Tried loading game, lowering resolution and changing control settings.


    Sometimes it works for a while but every time I get up to the bit where Atton warns you about the steam in the passageway ahead, my character can't seem to travel through it without freezing up.


    I just recently downloaded the patch, but it hasn't helped.


    I am really beggining to feel that I have wasted my money on this game. :)

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