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  1. I liked the way an enemy who had been hunting you down turned up just before reaching a starmap :geek:


    The Jedi Masters were boring and there wasn't enough oppotunity to be really obnoxious to them, true you could kill them, but I'd rather irritate them, annoy them on purpose, say rude things and still pass as lightside :thumbsup:"


    Starmaps :rolleyes:

  2. I voted for Mossman. Read the damn thread over again.

    Okay, Okay caught me napping there (:lol:)


    I just couldn't like her with that matronly voice: sounded like a school mistress telling-off ... then again, I can see how that might be appealing to some ... :huh:"


    Really? ;) I would have thought some guys like her because she is a honey-blonde.



    Personally I think Alyx is more interesting



    Dog just looks awsome



    Barney :thumbsup:



    Father Grigori is funny :geek: in a scary kind of way :rolleyes:





  3. :rolleyes: Revan has lost his shirt again. 2 alternate Revans, a soldier/guardian and scoundrel/consular. :thumbsup:


    Also here are the previous ones again, so they are grouped together.

    They are 2 alternate Carths, 2 alternate Bastilas(can't seem to get her quite right), another Revan and Atton(who turned out more like a girl :"> )









  4. *takes a deep breathe*

    *feeling rather nervous* :shifty:


    Okay here is my proper fanart :">

    Bastila, Carth, Male-Lightside-Revan


    Bastila was the hardest to do. I had several tries before she turned out alright, in my previous attempt she turned out cross-eyed and another time her eyes looked kinda scary. Carth looks a bit young, but whenever I draw guys they tend to look a bit feminine *shrugs*.


    If the Revan pic offends anyone I shall take it down :">




  5. I expected more under 18s actually... quite surprised by the overwhelming majority of over 18s (although that is a broad age range)...


    DL  :-


    So as not to intrude too much for the ppl who do not want to be specific about their age, the ppl who are less worried can (and have been) post the specifics in the topic itself. :) Rather silly now I think about :">


    but others are welcome to make a more specific poll if they wish. I was only interested in comparison in numbers of adults to teens, because I would feel a little silly talking mostly to ppl younger than me.

    That's just how I feel about, but I mean no offence to our older members. :cool:


    ...some ppl are quite sensitive about age...

  6. Er, contrary to what you seem to think, SPAM is *not* funny, and it tends to decrease people's interest in spammed boards and posts by habitual spammers.


    I am not a "habitual" spammer o:):( <_<

    And I was not trying to be funny, as stated I was playing with the smileys, though I am using very angry ones now with reason for doing so :angry:


    ...19 and currently very irritated...

  7. The thing is it is mentioned in the sequel that her memory is coming back ( of her original plans), so just how destroyed was her mind anyway? :blink:


    Personally I think it may have only been minimal brain damage, like some memory loss or something since Bastila lied about so much, she may have lied about Revan almost dying. :ph34r:

  8. @Padmi Skydrunkard: uh... no I never took any classes. And I totally support self-taught art! that's where you get your own style, not the one they force you to have in most art classes, the style you really like to use, even if it's got a touch of this, or a feel of that... Might not be totally original, but at least you don't feel forced to have a style you don't really like... And it's a real pleasure to draw!

    Did you do any graphics classes? (w00t) :blink:


    PS. your atton looks cool :cool:

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