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  1. :blink: What has happened to this topic???

    I come back to find Kaftan apparently flirting with Silver, :lol:

    and making sexist comments while he he's at it? :huh:


    WTF is all this height business anyway? :p:)

  2. Yeah, apprentices should ACT like apprentices. There was no "master?", or "be indful of your feelings my padawan", type stuff


    And I was really disappointed that Revan didn't get to have a master after becoming a padawan, not mention there wasn't enough time for any jedi trial stuff or at least being told by that masters that she had raised in rank and become a jedi knight. :blink:

  3. Not to mention that Neanderthals had larger brains than any human, elephants and other animals larger than humans have larger skulls.


    Anyway, we are off topic.


    I threw the can at the guy who told me pick it up, then I ran away :blink:


    Looks like father grigori has won. :cool:

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