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  1. Sorry, I don't buy this. I've read some PR and that is exactly what this reads as.
  2. I am pretty sad that this was changed when there was literally nothing wrong with the original limerick, manufactured outrage to say the least. I backed this project in 2012 and I have been pretty excited about it since. A lot of my excitement for games is directly related to the developer working on them. So when I saw this all go down, I posted here about it rather than my normal forum haunts to speak up. Seeing a developer cave to a twitter mob over a nebulous limerick is extremely disheartening. That caving killed my excitement for this project and subsequently for playing the game.
  3. Not only is this a light hearted limmerick in a fictional universe, there is genuinely nothing wrong with it. There is no "transmisogyny". Remove the poetic structure and leave the themes and what you are left with is a story of a person who possibly hid their gender from an intimate partner and the man became upset. Overreacted? Sure. But that overreaction is apart of the absurdity of poem. This is so ridiculous and people are willing to get upset over the most mundane things. There is no reason this should be removed and quite honestly I would be quite upset if it was censored. Bec
  4. Even looking at the content itself the request is insane. It's "Transmisogyny" when the person they are intimate with has hidden their gender from them and the person lied to gets upset? I'm sorry what? These people are crazy even if we take the light heartedness of the limmerick away and look at just the themes.
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