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  1. You know the part where your party splits and one party heads for the tomb on dxun while the other heads for onderon, well on dxun, what the hell was going on


    It seemed to have no relation to anything, what were the sith trying to acomplish in the tomb and what was it they "succeeded in doing??"


    It just seemed like a complete waste of time


    Did i miss something? Was i not playing attention? What was the point?

  2. sion didn't disapear for me...


    anyway, i was a bit underwhelmed by nihilus, its obvious why he was weak but it was annoying having him fight you and it only lasts 10 seconds


    I also think it should've been a 1 vs 1 atleast, like all the other fights. Also annoyed at the way he could have been the coolest sith lord ever but due to lack of development and his backstory and the fact you only see him like 3 times in total through the game, it was down the toilet for that dream.


    Too much of that game you had to either presume or work out for yourself

  3. I have crafted my pretty fast on Dantooine...


    First Piece taken from the Ithorian on Telos...


    Second buyed from the trapped scavenger...


    Third from Master I Don't Remember The Name But Hate He Deeply...


    I also defeated Visas with my saber in this manner...


    By the way someone can suggest me a nice route between the planets?


    In my first (Incomplete, damn brothers...  :lol: ) was:








    Nar Shadda


    Dxun\Ohter Planet First




    Return to Other Planet


    But I find it a little hasty...



    thats the way i did it, but seriously it doesn't make a difference, the enemies are the same difficulty depending on your level so it won't really make the game any easier. Though i would tend to get nar shadaa over with early since i hate that planet, any place with bounty hunters i just find boring and too dark

  4. I do not blame obsidian for the state KOTOR2 was released in, that lies with lucasarts for caring about money more than a piece of art and its buyers, but


    obsidian have brought this on themselves, like they could have done a slightly better job of keeping people informed about the patch instead of simply saying it will be out "soon" then putting their fingers in their ears while the universe implodes in on itself

  5. i know the devs had to cut out a ****load of stuff but seriously, the ending wasn't that bad, like what did you expect?

    Most of the loose ends were tied up at the end by Kreia, and personally i had enough fun with the rest of the game to forgive the slightly underwhelming ending


    But seriously, i want KOTOR 3 to be the best game ever and i see 1 and 2 as leading up to it, i really hope they don't rush the next one.

  6. KOTOR1 and KOTOR2 were made with a modified version of the Neverwinter Nights game engine.



    The way they make a cutscene is by transporting your character to the area, applying an invisibility and ghost effect to it and using your character as a camera man.



    My guess is the script is busted and it fails to send you back to the ebon hawk after the cutscene.  Maybe try reinstalling.  Other than doing that, I have no clue how to fix it without a toolset.



    I remember playing through hordes of the underdark and having my character appear in every cutscene when he was miles away, which was bloody annoying to say the least

  7. i really hope they remove the whole influence thing from the next game, it really did annoy me having to bring bao dur everywhere when he sucked just to get him to be a jedi

    bao died nearly every fight i had, he had crap hand 2 hand, crap long range, he was just crap

    by the time i got mira i just stopped caring and didn't bother talking to her


    i preferred the whole handmaiden approach where you didn't have to have her tag along everywhere with you just help you later on after becoming a jedi

  8. enough of the vertext buffer rubbish, it makes no difference with the newer ati cards since those cards can't mess with vertext buffering, it only works with nvidia cards


    the way to get through dantooine with an ati card is to simply go into the graphic options, change one setting to anything eg AA to 4x from 6x, apply the changes, then everything will be ok


    however the lag comes back once you re-enter from another area or go into the menu, at which point you simply have to change a graphical option again, eg AA 4x back to AA 6x then play on, its montonous but it will get you through the planet until a patch comes


    aside from that it seems some older catalyst drivers aren't experiencing problems so i would try rolling back the drivers if you have newer ones

  9. this is more about boss battles,


    if the battles were more spread out on purpose, ie like fighting malak for the first time in the original, that sort of idea only expanded a bit or of there were other factors to take into account like lasers or those red beams in episode one

    or if there were different animations for fighting certain bosses

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